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Questions to ask- Here a start- fell free to add /comment

Posted by Dr. Z on 11/27/04 at 18:21 (164775)

Questions to ask your ESWT provider so there are no Cost suprises

1. What is the cost?- always ask regardless of insurance coverage
2. Does this include the cost of the provider and equipment.
3. Are they any additional charges such as anesthesia or use of surgical center
4. What about after ESWT. Is there a charge for seeing the doctor or advice .
5. What if I need a second treatment or second series of treatment

Questions to ask your insurance company that state they cover ESWT.
1. Will my policy cover either protocol low or high energy Are there any restrictions
2. If a retreat is needed will my insurance cover the procedure
3. Is there a restriction with place of service
4. What are the indications for coverage regarding failed converstive treatments and duration of pain

Re: Questions to ask- Here a start- fell free to add /comment

Dr. Z on 11/28/04 at 11:07 (164791)

Get all fee quotes in writing so there are no surprises, especially if you are given a very very low quote. Better safe then disappointed