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3 months post eswt

Posted by BenLee on 11/28/04 at 17:18 (164810)

Well, I'm 3 months post eswt and I initally felt good after it but the pain started to slowly come back. I've been using the powerstep inserts that I obtained off this site and were recommended by my foot doctor. They do perfectly align my feet (my knees and hips feel great when I wear them). But, they were too rigid and hard. They added pain to my feet. Recently, I've been using the custom orthotic kit off this site (the ones you put in the oven to form a mold of your foot). Needless to say, I feel these are better. They give me just as much support but are softer on my feet. I've also taken the existing insoles out of my shoes that I put these in. However, I got those Dr. Scholl's shock absorbing insoles (Air Pillo Gel inserts). They are thin enough to not take up too much space. So, I placed the custom orthotics on top of these gell pillo inserts. I also bought those Callous Cushions and placed them on the bottom of the heel to the custom orthotic kit. I like these better than heel cusions because they are a great deal smaller and also softer. So, they give me more impact absorption and they don't raise my heel, which I find, causes problems with my achilles tendon. Needless to say, I've only worn these 3 days, and I feel phenomenol. I've suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for over a year and have always been searching for the perfect foot wear and I believe this combination of orthotics and cusioning has been the key.

For any of you doctors out there, I know they always say that you don't want soft orthotics because they don't give you as much support but I've never seen any recommendations for sturdy tops and soft bottoms in orthotics. I find that the soft bottom is the difference between me feeling horrible and feeling great.

Re: 3 months post eswt

ormsby on 11/29/04 at 09:16 (164847)

This is interesting. One doctor (not a podiatrist) told me that cushioning was as important as orthotics.

Re: 3 months post eswt

Henry on 11/29/04 at 22:21 (164926)

I think that different people have different needs. I had tried the Powersteps but they don't help enough because my arch is too high for them.

Re: 3 months post eswt

vince on 11/30/04 at 05:08 (164935)

'Henry' or is it John?

Re: 3 months post eswt

john on 11/30/04 at 05:58 (164937)

Henry is not John.

Re: 3 months post eswt

Ralph on 11/30/04 at 07:31 (164941)

Neither. It's Dr. Ed.

Re: 3 months post eswt

kathy t on 12/06/04 at 11:16 (165260)

Is there anyone out there to discuss how they feel after ESWT 1 month, 2 months, etc. Would love to here from you.
Pettycure912aol.com.....aka kathy t