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CHACO Sandals Have Taken the Pain Away.

Posted by Sharon on 11/29/04 at 09:20 (164848)

It works for me!! I want to share my experience and hope others find the Chaco sandal to be successful for them.

I have finally found shoes that actually made my TTS pain go away.
After two years of ever increasing pain and several non-surgical medical attempts to stop the problem, I was scheduled for foot surgery. Four days before the surgery I decided that the potential of a non-successful outcome, the long recovery time, and the scarring were risks I didn't want to take. I had already tried several other procedures, including orthotics, accupuncture, and 6 weeks in a 'toe to knee' cast for each foot.

In February, 2004 I was really concerned about my inability to walk further than a one block distance. I had made long-standing plans for a first-time-ever cruise with my three lifelong friends. I started to desperately search for some sandals that might allow me to walk-about a little on the upcoming cruise. The Birkenstocks that I had purchased several months earlier just weren't helping at all. I went to a shoe store nearby that was relatively new (in the 'Village' area near Rice University in Houston, TX). The store name gave me some hope, 'European Walking Store.' I went through the store's assortment of sandals and found a pair that were fairly comfortable. I looked around the store one final time and saw some black sandals that I hadn't noticed before. The arch support felt good and I got really excited. From the minute I put on the Chaco sandals I knew that those shoes were meant for me. Chaco, in Colorado, makes these hiking sandals as well as hiking boots.

I bought the shoes, wore them the whole seven days of the cruise and did a lot of walking. I continued to wear them exclusively when I got home from the cruise. I was extremely careful about putting on the sandals the minute I got out of bed and kept them on until I got into bed for the night. It was too painful to walk around the house in bare feet. As I wore them over the next couple of months I started to get a little lax about immediately putting them on in the morning. To my surprise, I realized that there was no electrical shock of shooting pain as I walked across my hard tiled floor.

I've worn the Chaco sandals for ten months now and rarely experience even any numbness. The exception is a tiny bit of numbness in my big toe after I've gone for a long walk of about 40 minutes.

Recently I bought another pair of Chaco sandals with pretty, blue straps. I switch back and forth in wearing the two pairs. There are a few different styles (for men and women) and 4 or 5 different designs and colors for the straps. I bought the style that has a back strap and no toe strap. The strap simply criss-crosses my foot two times.

The sole on the Chacos is thick enough and has the right amount of 'give' to make for a comfortable walking surface. The sandal straps are made of a tough woven fabric and can be adjusted to perfectly fit any foot. The sandals are completely washable and mine have remained in good condition for ten months. My sandals cost about $90 and its one of the best investments I've made. I don't know how widespread the company's distribution is and I haven't checked to see if there is a company website.

I have come across 6-8 people who have noticed my Chaco sandals and then pointed out that they were wearing them also. Everyone has exclaimed about the incredible comfort of the sandal.

Re: CHACO Sandals Have Taken the Pain Away.

john on 11/30/04 at 07:25 (164940)

sharron could you tell me how i would go about getting a pair.

Re: CHACO Sandals Have Taken the Pain Away.

Ann L on 12/01/04 at 00:43 (165007)

hi john,

i haven't purchased a pair, but i did do a web search last night - you can put in a search for 'chaco' and it will give you websites for places that sell them. A few sites i found...


good luck!

Ann L

Re: CHACO Sandals Have Taken the Pain Away.

renees on 3/27/05 at 06:54 (172015)

Oddly enough I don't have pain but my ankles swell. At night I sleep with feet propped up on pillows. I can't wear socks because the least little bit of elastic causes my ankles to swell even more. But I bought a pair of Nikken magnetic insoles. I can walk for longer periods of time and have less swelling with these. Does anyone know if the Chaco sandals come in narrow sizes? I wear a 9 narrow. Renee