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Atypical PF?

Posted by Sandi B on 12/01/04 at 14:51 (165030)

I've had heel pain in the same area for the past 6 mos which I continued to run through. It has just recently become bad enough for me to seek medical advice. The pain is in the bottom of my heel, very close to the inner edge of my right foot. It is not in the center of the heel, nor do I have any pain in any part of my arch.

I saw an orthopedist and he did a classic PF test: While pressing my toes forward he pressed down along the arch. No pain at all. When he gripped around my entire hell, cupping it with his hand and squeezing, it sent me to the roof. He suspected a stress fracture of the calaneus, however X-Rays and MRI came back negative for stress fracture but indicated PF.

I'm cross training now but do not know how to treat it because I do not seem to have a typical case. It generally does not hurt more when rising, I can stand up on my my toes, pull my toes and and stretch the arch every which way but Tuesday, with no pain. The pain is just so local and deep and only gets worse when running or walking long(ish) distances. Please advise.

Re: Atypical PF?

Dr Ben Pearl on 12/01/04 at 17:34 (165038)

the history of 'running through' it suggests you need to cross train i.e bike. swim

Re: Atypical PF?

Sandi B on 12/02/04 at 08:35 (165069)

Yes, I am. On the stationary bike (yuk!), and taking walks, but how long 'till I can run again? Right now I hardly ever feel it walking around, but if I press on the area, it's still very tender and ouchy. Also, when I do return to running, should I get shoes with more stability or more cushioning? I have worn lightweight trainers for 10 years.
Thank You.

Re: Atypical PF?

Mark on 12/02/04 at 09:48 (165071)

Never ever try and run with the pain ever! I can not strees that enough, I tried to do that,I have now had PF for over a year,and in the begining I thought I could just run thru the pain and only if I had just backed off and rested it I think I could have gotten rid of it.
I just had ESWT 4 weeks ago and it is still really sore.just take it easy for about 3-4 weeks believe me I wish I would have.

Re: Atypical PF?

EleanorH on 12/03/04 at 09:57 (165124)

Mark -- I had ESWT 5 weeks ago (rt. foot). I'm still having pain when I'm on my feet for any length of time. Tell me -- what are you doing during recovery? Recently, I've begun to use heat -- I have a heating pad underneath my desk and of course, I have orthodics and sleep in a night splint. I try not to take any pain meds and absolutely no anti-inflammatories. I too exercised through the initial symptoms. You know--no pain no gain. Sure wish I had known then what I know now. I'm anxious to hear how your healing is going. This site is my only contact with my PF peers and I like to compare others' progress with my own. Take care.

Re: Atypical PF?

Lynn F. on 12/03/04 at 10:30 (165125)

Eleanor - I am 8 weeks post ESWT and have explored many ways to manage the pain. The plantar stretches and yoga pulls, which are both posted on this site, are very helpful. I don't do any weight bearing stretches. I also just started physical therapy, where they have me doing various toe exercies (scrunching towel, picking up marbles, rolling ball under foot, spreading toes then lowering (while spread) keeping heel on floor. They sound simple but are designed to streghthen muscles in foot to take some pressure off the fascia. Now that I'm at 8 weeks I'm icing again too which helps. Hope this is helpful! Weeks 5-7 were rough for me. Good luck and hang in there!!

Re: Atypical PF?

Dr Ben Pearl on 12/03/04 at 18:29 (165155)