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Please Anyone with any info!

Posted by Kim on 12/01/04 at 19:58 (165043)

I have been back to work for almost a month now,and the pain is severe,espically towards the end of my shift. Now for the last 2 weeks starting to have pain back on the inside of the ankle. The pressure has never gone away plus the pinching pain just underneath the ankle. I had a check up on 11/29/04 & when iasked for the pain medication to be renewed i literally was called a drug addict & my md.stated there was no way i could be in as much pain as I am in. I asked then why am i in such pain & was told it was in my head then md. stated that I clinically ( my foot) looks excellent but then went on to ask if i have ever surgery before& if i have a hard time breaking scar tissue down. I am going on monday for a neurosensor testing again to see if surgery worked, & see md. again on thursday.He was even laughing about pt.s taking B12 vitamin after telling md. that i had been taking it for a month & md stopped laughing & stated again i should not be having this much pain & all i am soing is replacing one drug for another.He did order a lotion applied that has Lidocaine & hydrocortisone cream in it whisch seems to help take some of the stinging away. When i talked with someone else about this they told me to get another opinion. After this foot being done & pain is not gone, i refuse to get the right foot done. I am now looking at the possibility of having to change jobs .if anyone has any suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Please Anyone with any info!

Ann L on 12/02/04 at 03:31 (165056)

Sorry Kim, I don't have any great suggestions, but I do have to say your doctor is very wrong. That is just cruel - laughing and dismissing your pain - it is definitely not just in your head! I wish people like that would have to feel what we are feeling for awhile! Maybe it would make them more sympathetic. How long ago did you have your surgery? I had mine on Feb 16 - both feet. I just went back to work on Nov 1st. I am still having alot of pain, but both my foot and ankle orthopedic surgeon and my podiatrist are way more sympathetic to the pain I am having. I had a partial plantar fascia release along with my TTS surgery and my surgeon said that it will take a while for my feet to adjust to the changes in the support tissues, and he would not release me to go back to work until I decided I needed to - mainly for financial reasons. According to others on this webboard, it can take 12 to 18months to have a real idea if the surgery was successful. The healing is really gradual. While I am waiting, my podiatrist is assisting me in managing my pain. I am on Paxil and Elavil - antidepressants that help to relieve nerve pain (also on it because of Fibromyalgia), high doses of Neurontin - I take 2400mg total per day, Ultracet 3times a day, and at night after work, I use lidocaine patches on my feet and take 2 Tylenol with Codeine #3. The regimen does not completely relieve my pain, but it makes it a little more manageable... and I can sleep at night. I agree - get another opinion, he's not doing you right.

Ann L

Re: Please Anyone with any info!

Norm on 12/02/04 at 05:54 (165057)

You know I am in the same situation as you. These doctors piss me off. How dare they tell us we are not in pain. Like we enjoy spending all this money for treatments that don't help. Oh they make me so mad!!!!!

My prayers are with you

Re: Please Anyone with any info!

Karen b on 12/02/04 at 12:06 (165086)

Kim All I can offer is moral support. My surgery did not work (tts release) and I ran into many drs. who weren't any help. When your feet
hurt, your hurt all over. Orthotics have really helped me and I found
a really good dr. (at least I think she is). I take Elavil at night which helps me. I was so discouraged, at one time, but I feel somewhat
better--not 100% but better and not because of the surgery. Hang in there. God will not abandon you.

Re: Please Anyone with any info!

denise g on 12/03/04 at 04:31 (165114)

When was your surgery. I am 9 weeks post op and have developed a lot of scar tissue since my tss surgery. I am going to physical therapy which helps to break it up and they also have me massaging scar tissue at home a few times a day to break it up. It seems like it breaks up but then comes back after overuse. Did you go for physical therapy? I also find stetching it freuently helps.
I too am dissapointed so far, I have no more tss pain, but the scar tissue pain is no fun either, although for me not quite as debilitating. It is the burning type of pain all around the scar and up into the ankle bone that the therapist said is the giveaway that it is scar tissue. When I called the drs. office, they told me to stay off it and rest it , as once I had the surgery there is not anything else to be done.
Does the lidocane/hydro cream help at all. Does anyone else know what to put on scar tissue? I have been trying the castor oil/ heating that was recommended on this site, but don't see much of a difference yet. Has anyone tried that.

Re: Please Anyone with any info!

Kim on 12/03/04 at 17:26 (165150)

Denise, had TSS surgery with Deep peroneal nerve release on sept.8th,2004.Had 4 weeks of physical therapy 4 weeks postop in which was given strecting exercises & massage exercise to do which helps from the foot tightening up worse. I have had the continious piching pain underneath the ankle plus the pressure in the foot, it always feels like 100lbs of cement. Now that i have been back to work the burning & knifelike stabbing pain is back on the the inside of the ankle.The foot md. stated i can't be having pain, was called a drug addict after equsting pain med be reordered. The lidoderm/hydrocortisone cream help about 15% with the burning/sting pain but makes me tired. I did call my regular md.& asked them about the pain med & is there a problem with the pain med. To my relief they are referring me to the pain clinic.I know the foot Md. behavior was inappropriate,& i know as a nurse,that pain is the 5th vital sign & when a pt. complains of pain we are to believe the pt. & to do something about it not tell the pt. Its all in your head, or to suck it up. This has definately made me decide to refuse having the right foot operated at this time plus has made me & my husband (who has been with me at every visit) questioned the foot md.s behavior & pt. to dr. trusting relationship.Thank you for all your support .

Re: Please Anyone with any info!

Kim on 12/03/04 at 17:34 (165151)

Ann L., Good news talked with my regular md. about the situation & they are referring me to the pain clinic & will help with the pain meds & they agree foot md was wrong. Foot Md even called their office & stated it was all in my head. I am going to ask about the neurontin when i see the pain clinic about this. Plus I know as a nurse pain is the 5th vital sign & when a pt. states they are in pain we are to believe the pt. & to do something about it , not tell the pt. it is all in your head or to suck it up. Thank you for all you support.

Re: Please Anyone with any info!

Ann L on 12/04/04 at 17:32 (165190)

I'm glad to hear you are being referred to the pain clinic. Hopefully they'll offer you some relief. I too am a nurse and understand how you feel. It is incredibly frustrating when someone does not believe how much this hurts, especially when it comes from someone you expect to understand. I am still holding out hope that things will improve and am trying to be patient in the meantime. If I were you, I would also see a different foot specialist along with going to the pain clinic. Good luck and a quick prayer for relief!
Ann L.

Re: Please Anyone with any info!

skully on 1/10/05 at 18:28 (166871)

It hurts! I was supposed to have my surgery in January but I quit my job in November so I could work at home instead. I just could not work like that anymore - no one understood! If I went to work I could not take my meds and it would be worse.

I now have my insurance situation covered and I'm going back to the doctor tomorrow.

I know what you mean about some docs not knowing how bad this hurts. The ultracet helps me a lot but my doctor only gives me about 12 at a time. I mainly rely on the neurotin that works but not always.

Even with the neurotin and the ultracet I go crazy sometimes and I can't sleep. I'm glad I am working at home now (I'm selling stuff on eBay) because trying to keep a regular schedule with THIS DARN foot kills me.

To make it worse, I have sciatica on the other side. Doc says most likely it (te bone spurs causing it) developed from me trying to protect the hurt foot for so long.

Took me forever to even get a doctor to take me seriously and get me an x-ray.

Most doctors are jerks.