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Questions for "HTP Heel Seat" Users

Posted by Joiner on 12/02/04 at 09:55 (165072)

I'm in my second day of wearing my new HTP heel seats and have a few questions for those of you who have tried them:

1. Did you have foloow a gradual breaking-in period or did you wear them full time from the first day?

2. Did you feel like the 'fascia bar' made your heel (near the arch) feel 'sore' or 'ache'?

3. Many of the testimonials on this board and on the HTP website speak of near immediate relief. Has anyone felt a good bit of discomfort at first but ultimately gained relief using these? How long did it take?

4. The person I talked to at the company clearly stated that these were not arch supports and that they did not recommend wearing them with arch supports other than what comes in the shoe you're wearing. Has anyone who has formerly worn arch supports in an effort to address planter fasciitis tried these? Did you experience any problems making the transition?

In addition, I'd appreciate any other comments, pro or con, from someone who has tried these.


Re: Questions for HTP Heel Seat Users

Andy M on 12/03/04 at 14:09 (165136)

My 13 year old son is complaining of heel pain and I believe it is plantar fascitis. I found the HTP on the web today and ordered him a pair. Are these helping you?

Re: Questions for HTP Heel Seat Users

Joiner on 12/03/04 at 15:43 (165140)

I've only worn them for a few hours on a couple of days so it is a little early to say. At this point all I can offer is that they feel less comfortable on my heels than my Powersteps. The 'fascia bar' as they call it really pushes on my heels just behind the arch thus making this area feel a bit sore while they are in. However, the HTP website says that they will feel somewhat odd at first and that some people have to break them in gradually. I can say that I did not experience 'immediate relief' like some of the testimonials on this board and on the HTP website mention. If they work for me it appears that the results will be more gradual.


Re: Questions for "HTP Heel Seat" Users

deb on 12/04/04 at 00:10 (165166)

I tried the HTP's and had to send them back as with time they irritated my Pf. I ended up worse than when i started. I did break them in slowly but to no avail. I have had custom arch supports and if they are well padded it helps. The Birkenstock sandals help greatly too. I use them as slippers around the house. Hope this helps.

Re: Questions for HTP Heel Seat Users

BarryG on 12/04/04 at 11:11 (165182)

I bought a pair based on their Web site but after receiving them and seeing their shape, I'm not even going to bother trying them. Color me skeptical.

Re: Questions for "HTP Heel Seat" Users

Joiner on 12/04/04 at 20:54 (165201)

Thanks for your thoughts. The uncomfortable pressure on my heel and the lack of arch support has me a bit skeptical also. I certainly don't want to take a step backward. I'm glad they have helped others but I'm not sure that they are for me. I appreciate you sharing your experience.


Re: Questions for HTP Heel Seat Users

Joiner on 12/04/04 at 21:03 (165202)

I'm afraid I had the same initial thoughts. Somehow I had the impression that they included some type of arch support but that is not the case. To their credit, the HTP people I talked to readily admitted that and stressed that if one needs the extra arch support (above and beyond what comes in your shoe) these heel seats may not be for you. I'm glad that they have worked for others but I'm not sure that they are the solution for me.


Re: Questions for "HTP Heel Seat" Users

Camilo T. on 12/05/04 at 20:26 (165243)

I'm writing from Venezuela. I'm sold few weeks ago the HTP product...and a't this time I'm have more pain...like irritate my PF...., When I do not use I have a terrible pain

PS Sorry for my English

Re: Questions for HTP Heel Seat Users

Janice C on 12/06/04 at 23:29 (165290)

I am one who got almost immediate relief, however some of my friends have, some have not. I have a slightly high arch, had PF endoscopic release (I think that is the correct name of the surgery) last summer. Was getting worse by the day in spite of the surg. What has helped me the most, and you know how it is, you have to experiment: I bought a pair of fairly flat Rockports, they do have a very low arch support, and with the heel seats, I have pain that I can live with. I admit I am not 100%, but I am probably 75-80% better than I was. I can walk around the house barefoot without them for about 15-20 min & am hurting badly. I think I must have some trapped nerves in the arch area, because it becomes excruciating, from the front to back. I also have had great luck with fairly flat boots and the heel seats, even those yellow work boots (I think they are Brahmers or some kind of cow!) and my Roper lace up boots. Anyway I can look at them if the name is important to you. I bought these seats for several of my friends whose experiences range from no relief to the same success that I had. I still have the heel pain to a certain extent, but it is better also. I am still losing weight very gradually, I know that is helping too, and I do the stretching exercises every day. If I can tell you any more about my experience, I would be glad to, I have a friend who is a carpenter & he felt of the seat area right under the heel, and said it was about 1/16 of an inch, so it does not do a lot of elevating of the heel, which would NOT help in the long run. Looking at the diagram, I think the 'bump' supports the bone that makes the arch. Which makes sense to me. It did feel funny at first, but the longer I wore them, just like they said the better I felt. I wore them I think around 3 hours the first evening, and the next day wore them all day. I have really sensitive feet, can't stand the seam in hose to be under my toes, and my custom orthotics were really hurting my arches, the surface skin I mean. I have had lots of burning, which is somewhat better, some days a lot, some days not. But I am slowly improving. Sorry this is so long. I sure wish EVERY person on this site could find their answer. It is so heartbreaking, debilitating, and depressing to be limited in the normal everyday routine. I went on vacation Sept and found out nearly everything connected with vacation involves walking, especially with other folks along. That was a bummer. After that, I came home, found this website, saw where one lady had success with the seats, thought what the heck is $24 more dollars after all I've spent, her words were similar. If they don't work, send them back, they are guaranteed. God bless you all. Be sure to put Janice C in your response if you want one from me, otherwise I won't get the thread.

Re: Questions for "HTP Heel Seat" Users

LauraB on 12/09/04 at 15:10 (165404)

I've been wearing the heel seats for about a month and I've been very happy I got them.

I felt relief as soon as I started wearing them and my feet are still feeling better and better - my morning pain is just about gone.

I did not 'break them in' - I started wearing them full time as soon as I got them. The 'fascia bar' did not make my foot hurt at all - it felt great. Arch supports had been helping me previously (I was wearing Danskos, which have wonderful arch support), but were losing their effectiveness and I was ready to try something else. I'm now wearing the HTP Heel seats inside my Danskos and most of the time I can't feel my PF at all (and I've had it over 2 years).

In my opinion, for $25 (free shipping), they're worth a try if you're suffering. And they come with a money-back guarentee.

Re: Questions for HTP Heel Seat Users

Trazin on 12/16/04 at 20:02 (165781)

All I can say is they worked fast for me. I suffered from pf for years now and participated in one of their clinical studies. Out of the group of us in this study, half of us had HS and the other half PF. I didnt get to talk to anyone until the last day of the study, and out of everyone who participated there was only one man that didnt think they worked because of the raised ridge position or something. I think he just didnt want to wear them correctly. There were a total of 80 people and for the other 79 people this product was a dream. -Trazin

Re: Questions for "HTP Heel Seat" Users

Trazin on 12/16/04 at 20:09 (165782)

Same here, I think they are great. Myabe not for everyone but by far the best thing on the market. I did a clinical study with them and you should have seen all the people that they helped out. Just a note. -Trazin

Re: Questions for HTP Heel Seat Users

Janice C on 12/22/04 at 09:10 (165973)

Trazin, tell us anything you can about the clinical trial, when, any background info you learned about how they were developed, etc. I am so grateful to this guy for making my life bearable. We just returned from doing mission work in Mex, we go every 3 months. We walk miles every day seeing people who are homebound, up & down hills, on rocks, unbelievable that there are people living in the conditions we see in this century! My feet did great, they actually feel better today than they did when I got there a week ago. Now if I can find something kin to Ibuprofen for my arthritis, I can make it! (The IB tore my stomach up, was on hi dose for the PF). May Jesus be Lord in every one's life, this Christmas, & every day. God bless you all.