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Posted by Dorothy on 12/02/04 at 15:06 (165090)

No need to respond, but if you are reading - would a massage be available and possibly helpful? Have you tried ice and/or heat?

Here's a variation on the position that John H described and that you are doing using your bed. I use a chair (and sometimes it takes me a good long while to get down and then another lifetime - with fear of its never working - to get back up during these episodes - and I use an enabling stick or pole going up or down!) but it should work with your bed, too. Anyway, put your feet and legs in position John H. described, making sure your legs make a right angle at the knee, with the edge of the bed/chair at the knee so they're well supported. Rest and relax (well, try...) and, as John put it, let your back release in that position. I've seen recommended times from 10 minutes to an hour - so let your own situation be your guide. But before you leave that position, put one leg down on the floor, straight out. Position your body (easy, easy..) so that your upper/supported leg and the floor leg are in alignment. If you can, put something (a blanket or something firm enough) - someone else can do this for you if possible - against the outer side of the floor leg so that it is suppported and won't 'fall over', letting the knee and foot turn out too much and so that you can let your body relax into this position. Rest this way for the same period of time as above. Switch legs and repeat. This helps release the back as well as the hip flexors which get so tight and shortened. This is from the Pete Egoscue books and information and sometimes I find it quite helpful, sometimes less so. Worth putting in your bag of things to try. He has a number of moves or rests designed to help get and keep the hips, etc. in proper alignment.
I am thinking about you and hoping you are feeling better. Thank you for your post, for taking the time and effort to make it. I think you speak the truth. Keep your chin up, Julie.

Re: Dorothy

Julie on 12/02/04 at 16:30 (165095)

Thank you too,, Dorothy. I shall try those refinements! I spent half an hour with my legs at a right angle on the bed this afternoon, doing Yoga Nidra to an excellent new CD I've just acquired, and it was fine for about 15 minutes - then I had to shift. Any position I get into is tolerable for only a couple of minutes and then I have to change - so 15 minutes is pretty good going!

My osteopath does mainly soft tissue work - i.e. massage, and leaves what manipulation she does (not much) to the end of the session, by which time muscles have loosened and relaxed. It always helps. I think this time it is going to take a few treatments before I see any real change. And she recommended alternating cold and hot - ice pack for 5 minutes, hot water bottle for 5 minutes, finishing with ice pack for 5 minutes. And that helps.

I appreciate your thinking about me, and of course I am thinking about you. We're going through this thing together, and we shall keep out chins up and come out the other side Better People. Or at least more comfortable people.

Take care. I hope we both have a better day tomorrow.

Om Shanti