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Finally got over Plantar Fasciitis after 5 yrs.

Posted by Ellen J. on 12/03/04 at 14:09 (165135)

Hi All,
I wanted to let you know that you CAN get over plantar fasciitis even if you have had it a long time. I had it for 5 yrs. and wondered if I would ever get over it. I also wondered if the fact that I had it so long would make it less likely that I would get over it. I have been pain free for a few months now and can finally exercise without pain--however, I'm still being extremely cautious and I work out carefully, increasing the workouts slowly. It will be awhile before I try something as hard on the feet as hiking up and down a mountian or jogging but it's great to feel normal again. I am saying this to those of you who are wondering if you will ever get over plantar fasciits. You can do it, and you need to pay attention more to what your feet are telling you than anything else. I was one of the oddballs who discovered that arch supports were actually aggravating my feet. Once I stopped using them and wore flat, cushioned shoes my feet got better. In fact, my feet feel good when walking in bare feet--not usually the case for most P.F. sufferers. If, on the other hand, arch supports make your feet feel better, then that's the thing your feet need.
Keep taking good care of your feet and I wish you all a fast recovery!
Ellen J.

Re: Finally got over Plantar Fasciitis after 5 yrs.

Place on 12/03/04 at 16:36 (165145)

that is great! can you give us more details on how you did it?

Re: Finally got over Plantar Fasciitis after 5 yrs.

Ellen J. on 12/03/04 at 17:10 (165147)

I think the hardest part was figuring out what types of shoes hurt my feet. Anything with a heel was a problem, as the angle of the footbed irritated my arch. I tried all kinds of different arch supports and each one bothered my foot because it pressed on the arch area. My P.F. pain was located in the arch, not the heel. Also, stretching caused problems until my foot healed up--then I was able to gently stretch after healing up. Over time, I figured out what things caused my feet to act up and what things helped. Ice didn't really help me, but anti-inflammatories did (I used Advil). I didn't use them all the time, I only took an advil after exercising to try and keep the foot from swelling up (with the theory being that the swelling could cause more injury to the foot tissues, and preventing swelling might prevent a setback). That seemed to work really well, and of course I only exercised very gently and carefully to avoid making my foot worse. Treadmills were a problem, but I found I could do the stairmaster--but you have to keep your foot FLAT on the pedal of the stairmaster--don't come up on the toes, which will strain the fascia.
That's a brief summary of what I did. I'm still using the stairmaster and the rowing machine and don't know if I'll dare run again. If I try it, I'll try walking first, then slowly integrate short periods of running and gradually lengthen the running sections of the walk until I feel sure I can run the whole distance without a bad recurrence of P.F.
You have to remember that it takes a long while to carefully re-strengthen the muscles so they support the legs and feet (this is my opinion--not a physical therapist's opinion) before resuming strenuous activities.
Hope that helps and keep working at getting better--it's worth it!

Re: Finally got over Plantar Fasciitis after 5 yrs.

Place on 12/04/04 at 10:31 (165181)

Thanks for taking the time to post, some of us long term pf -ers need to hear your experiance. I think many have had sucess with just listening to their feet. Good luck and take care of those new feet!

Re: Finally got over Plantar Fasciitis after 5 yrs.

john h on 12/04/04 at 17:44 (165192)

Anyone who is cured after 5 years Ellen must have done something right and stuck to it. Congratulations. Long term PF sufferers like you who find a cure is really a big support to the many who come here.