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Spenco orthotics for PF

Posted by Cali on 12/03/04 at 15:45 (165143)

Are these off the shelf orthotics any good? Are there any others that you would recommend over them?

Re: Spenco orthotics for PF

Dr Ben Pearl on 12/03/04 at 18:30 (165156)

soles or powersteps

Re: Spenco orthotics for PF

Brett on 12/04/04 at 06:39 (165168)

I like the Heel-Lite.

Re: Spenco orthotics for PF

Linda V on 12/04/04 at 08:06 (165173)

i have the spenco's and they are very soft and cuishony but my feet needed more support. so i bought superfeet (the green one) at my local shoe store and they work much better for me.