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Richard Cped or others who may have this knowledge or experience

Posted by RACHAEL T. on 12/03/04 at 15:52 (165144)

Writing to ask a question regarding my latest orthotics made by a ped. who is comfortable & cooperative w/ me regarding adjustments. I have been switching between sizes (7-1/2 & 8's) Ariat boots. The 7-1/2s are too tight w/ a boot sock & my orthotic & the 8 is a little loose with the orth & thick sock. In the 8, my foot feels like it is sliding front to back ~ & prob. not giving me enough control & support? That is my question. And, to correct this, I am wondering if we add more arch to the orth - would that help? I feel more discomfort (not pain at this point) in the ball of my foot from this 'movement' - I see the ped. on Mon. & would appreciate a prompt reply from our resident pedorthist here as well as anyone who has had such an experience. I also want to ask this: In my Lady Ryka sneakers, this orthotic feels comfy & yet a little movement & feels like I could use more arch -- & yet, in my Brooks Ariels, I feel like the orth (even tho' we've lessened the arch this past month) is to 'archy,' - probably due to the way the Brooks is made.....Sooo, again - I ask....would it be wise to wear the orth w/ the Brooks feeling 'too archy' or would it be better to increase the arch & wear the Rykas? I shall present all this to him & get his input on Mon. but thought your input would be helpful as well....I feel like I am soooo close to being 'right' in my orth & staying healthy w/ my feet - I don't want to make a judgement error w/ this choice. Thanks for your input!

Re: Richard Cped or others who may have this knowledge or experience

Richard, C.Ped on 12/08/04 at 14:25 (165364)

Sorry, I did not see the post ;-).

It all kind of sounds to me like the orthotics are not properly interfaced with the shoe. If it seems to slide around, then it is not fit like it should be. The only way I would add more arch is if the impression, or cast was taken incorrectly in the first place (example: standing).