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TTS release gone bad

Posted by Elaine on 12/03/04 at 18:10 (165152)

I dont know if anyone can help but here goes....in aug i had a tts release and im worse off now than i ever was .....i now have a larger area of numbness and pain .... my nerves in my foot keep over charging.....i really cant stand for any length of time without feeling much discomfort....dr said its due to scar tissue ....he also said that i just have to deal with the cronic pain....sent me to pain management .....they want to do a synthetic lumbar block ,,,,but im not sure i wanna just mask the pain ....i really want to feel normal in my foot again....it really feels like things got 90% worse for me after the release has this ever happened to anyone ???...if so what can be done .....please help im at the end of my rope......./also before ttr release i had feeling in my little toe and none in my big toe now i have no feeling in my little to and feeling in my big toe....did something go wrong?????

Re: TTS release gone bad

denise g on 12/03/04 at 18:22 (165153)

Can you go for another opinion? Have you gone to physical therapy to break up the scar tissue. I too am becoming more and more disatisfied with my surgery done 9 weeks ago as it seems as if scar tissue pain is becoming just as bad at times as tss pain was. I hope pain management can help you let, me know. I too cannot stand for any period of time, and by the evening my foot is shot.

Re: TTS release gone bad

Elaine on 12/03/04 at 19:46 (165158)

denise, yes ive done it all......nothing so far has worked ....starting to think dr messed up grrrrrrrrrrr was told this surgery would be a peice of cake grrrrrrrrr not so......its discouraging to have your dr basically tell u he has no answer ....if i would have known i woulda stayed the way i was because i was better off before surgery

Re: TTS release gone bad

Kim on 12/03/04 at 21:28 (165160)

Elaine,Denise,& Norm, Had TSS surgery &deep peroneal nerve released on Sept.8th,2004 i used to have a knife stabbing pain up the inside the ankle & a tearing pain underneath on the top of the foot to the bottom of the foot just in front of the big toe with spasms even after i would rest the foot.had taken Motrin for3 1/2 yrs.did the cortisone shots, splints, cast my foot&NSAIDs,nerve blocks. Had been taking pain killers since may but then towards aug. it was almost impossible to walk. Was told by foot md. would only be off work for 3weeks which ended up being off for 3months.After the surgery the foot felt like 200lbs with alot of pressure. Big toe& toe next to it numb.Now only Big toe is numb. My foot still feels very heavy &now after being back to work for a month almost, the pain is starting to come back on the inside of the ankle. I also have a pinching pain underneath the ankle. When i asked the dr.about this he kept saying my foot would feel these different sensations.I even did Physical therapy for 4 weeks to learn stretches & massaging the incision areas &if i dont do these stretches the foot tightens. I even started taking vit b12 once a day. &ice makes the foot tighten up worse. (my regular md ordered the PT not foot dr., he stated he felt it doesnt help anyone) Well on 11/29/04 i went to the foot dr. &when i told him about the pain & asked for him to order them he called me a drug addict & then stated i cant be having the pain I am having. He even called my own md & stated the pain was in my head. When i asked to be sent to the pain clinic the foot dr. refused.Well i had called up my own dr.& asked if i had a drug problem , told them about the pain i am having they agreed with me that it is a pain problem.So my own drs are sending me to the pain clinic.It has been tough to work & i literally have limped & hobbled out& in tears. The other thing that has been going on now the upper front of the foot has been getting tighter & tighter.The foot dr. wanted to do TSS surgery on the other fott & i refuse to have the other foot done since the left is the way it is. Ineed to work like everyone else, have kids, fmily that rely on me & really miss my daily power walks .As a nurse I know my foot dr. was inapproprite with his statements & definately now will not have the other foot done.As a nurse it is our jobs in the medical profession to ask if our pts are in pain & we are to believe them & to treat their pain. Pain is now considered the 5th vital sign. I know i can only be on my feet for a short time now. I am now just witing for my appt. to the pain clinic.

Re: TTS release gone bad

Darlene on 12/04/04 at 08:59 (165174)


Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. How could a doctor possibly tell you what you are feeling? You're probably putting so much pressure on your other foot to protect the foot in great pain. I wonder if crutches or something to take the pressure off might help.

Was your surgery done by a Pod or an Ortho? They seem to be blaming you for the results.


Re: TTS release gone bad

Dr. Z on 12/04/04 at 09:10 (165175)


A pain Clinic is a very good place to go . Epidural blocks could help you. These surgeries take a very long time to work. Six months to one year. Maybe a brace could be used to help support your foot

Re: TTS release gone bad

elaine on 12/04/04 at 20:32 (165197)

is there nothing at all to do but pain management .....am i the only one who feels angry at their dr .... i feel he let me down ....I asked about scar tissue befor the surgery ....i just happened to read an article before hand so i decided to ask what happens if this happens.....my dr laughed it off and said if it happened that it was fixable now its a different song ....I feel he should be held accountable .... i feel extremely let down ....cant do things with the kids ....no mall.... work is hard ....constant pain ......am i wrong ...honestly i would NEVER have had this surgery if i knew i was gonna end up worse off than i was ....NO ONE warned me ...was just told 4 week recovery...... i want this foot fixed i do not want pain management ...am i being unreasonable??????

Re: TTS release gone bad

Kim on 12/04/04 at 23:28 (165206)

Was a Pod. that did the surgery .I had gotten a second opinion from ortho group & they referred me back to Pod. My original Pod. had left the group a few days after I had the surgery & it was his partner who did the surgery which i had met & had consulted 1 week before the surgery.

Re: TTS release gone bad

bluestella on 12/13/04 at 15:30 (165569)

i feel u i have had the same thing !! and they wanted to do a block and i said no way i dont want that also they want to now take the whole nerve out of my foot augh! i cant win either and my surgery was over a year ago and im still with walker and wheelchair i cant stand more then 10 mins

Re: TTS release gone bad

Marsha G on 12/15/04 at 08:15 (165656)

Add me to the list of patients that are not having a positive result.My dr. told me, one week in a short leg cast and then the air boot. It has been 2 months (on 12-25-04) and I am not even back to where I was before surgery.....crutches, wheelchair, Neurontin, Physical thpy, bad bad mood and anger. How can someone tell you that you are not in pain? How? As far as drugs, I have not found ANY pain medication that takes this pain away. So I do not take them at all.....I just suffer and suffer.Did I mention I was in a bad mood? too.....ha ha. The bad part about all this is, people start to doubt you after a period of time.....they get tired of hearing about it. It is especially hard because they never heard of it. So I just smile and say I am fine....works better for me.
I will say a prayer for everyone.
Marsha G

Re: TTS release gone bad

Cathy G. on 1/28/05 at 09:21 (168085)

Dear Kim, I am a nurse, and have just been diagnosed with 'basically tts' after long hx of pf. I am a PACU nurse and am on my feet a lot. I am decreasing my hrs to 4 8hr shifts from 3 12hrs , but am so scared this will not get better. The pod just put me on neurontin too. How are you working? I am starting to contact people and put my resume together for a 'sitting' job, but dont know what I can do.
I am so sorry for all of your pain. This is a complicated and frustrating malady, Cathy