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RE:Anyone with any info.

Posted by Kim on 12/04/04 at 23:23 (165205)

THANK YOU FOR ALL SUPPORT. I recieved today my paperwork to fill out for the pain clinic. I really appreciate my general md. for their support through this.Filled the forms out & mailed them.Now just wait to get appt. On monday have the neurosensory test done again. Will mention again to the foot dr. if the 2 falls I had a few days after the surgery might have contributed to the inside of the ankle. Also will ask about the the brace. Dr.Z. what kind of brace am I to ask for? Thanks again for everyones support.

Re: RE:Anyone with any info.

Dr. Z on 12/05/04 at 13:00 (165222)


An Aircast Splint for ankle sprains can be dipensed without having it made by a lab. AN AFO brace is another lab made brace. Your doctor should know what type of brace or go to a brace maker and have him determine what is best for you