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treatments for tarsal tunnel

Posted by karen H on 12/05/04 at 12:24 (165221)

I've had tarsal tunnel for 2 1/2 years. At the beginning of my injury
3 years ago I had a torn posterior tibialas tendon in my left ankle and tendionitis in my right foot, same area. As time went by and my ankle
wasn't getting better, my podiatrist sent me to a neurologist for a conduction test. It was Tarsal Tunnel. I've have found the things that have helped me the most were, staying off my feet as much as possible, espescially at first. A good massage therapist that does a friction method, not deep tissue, and also massages the calves. Several times a day I either put my feet in the cold pool or a very cold bath of water.
That helps immediatly. Also, I'm on a anti-inflamitary medicine. Over a year into my treatment, thanks to a great Physical Therapist, I found a
fairly new piece of equiptment called the ' Alpha Stem'. It's is simalar to a Tins unit but smaller and very portable. I was fortunate to get one,
my workmans comp. provider bought it for me.