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Physical Therapy

Posted by Cyndi on 12/05/04 at 19:18 (165235)

My Dr said for me to go pool walking for my feet. He finally wrote me an RX for Physical Therapy Associates which are all over the country. He told me I would go in and just walk in the pool on my own, But, when I made the appt. they did an evualation the first day for two hours and had me do some Therapy, NOT the pool. The secong day I did the pool when the heater was not working good and they said I could opt out if too cold and just do therapy. My heels never hurt either before this therapy with slantboards and treadmill, etc. I did see where I have been toe walking and they are showing me heel to toe walking and haveing me walk barefoot to get used to it. I cannot wear socks or enclosed shoes due to pain, I believe nerves. She said I do not have planter facicitis. SO I wonder if I got over or or never had it. Or Maybe the cryo-surgery I had caused it as it is that foot now more than the other. Even the stitching in my heel of clog hurts so I put a DR. Scholls from CVS in these shoes. Now my heels hurt like never before. But when touching my feet anywhere and pressing I do not have a send me thru the roof feeling. So wierd!
Sure sounds like neuropathy to me. Does it to you?
I only went with this as I have met all my out of pocket this year and Insurance will pay for 15 visits. I wonder if they added the therapy just to bill more and if I do not use the pool, Ibet they bill the same. The work with several folks and sometimes I finish the reps she tells me to do long before she ever gets back to me, so I continue with it.
Should I just use the pool and refuse the therapy. Also I sure hope they get the pool fixed before the month is over. I have been so sore after two days of therapy, I come home and have to rest the rest of the day, so I guess it is doing some good.

Re: Physical Therapy

Dr. Z on 12/05/04 at 19:56 (165241)

I would stop the theray now. See your doctor and have him evaluation your present condition. Why were you prescribed physical therapy. Did the cryotherapy help your original heel pain

Re: Physical Therapy

Cyndi on 12/06/04 at 13:48 (165266)

Thanks Dr Z. The pool therapy was recommended to help lose some weight, maybe that would help foot pain. Water walking was recommended but I could not find a warm inside pool, so this is when My Rhumy wroteh the RX ofr pool therapy. He found not arthritis so I think I will just be going back to Neuro DR in the future. I have one more visit with Rhumy but that is to watch the anti-inflamatory change from Celebrex to Mobic and to evaluate whether to do the MRI again that showed whiteness in right heel.
The left foot was the cryo-surgery and no help, worse with nerve pain since it.

I will call my Dr back now about the pool and therapy. Thanks!