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Survey ???

Posted by Jeff S on 12/06/04 at 12:45 (165263)

I know that not everyone has the same symptoms with tts. But my big question to all of you is......... When you were not wearing shoes did the pain go away? I ask because my emg was positive for tts but I have no pain or burning with my shoes off. 2 doc's want to do tts surgery, 3 want to do a plantar fascia release and 1 doc wants to do eswt. I am at a loss....................Thanks

Re: Survey ???

chris on 12/06/04 at 14:04 (165269)

I had pain , shoes on or off 24/7.

Re: better not completely painfree

Buck on 12/06/04 at 14:46 (165270)

I can de-shoe while at work and that often helps. I have more trouble later at night and especially evenings. Nights i get to stay home with sans shoes and feet up on the couch are better than nights up on my feet.

Re: Survey ???

Darlene on 12/06/04 at 17:42 (165280)

To clarify - could you walk barefoot without pain? If so a PF release and ESWT sound like odd recommendationa.

Re: Survey ???

LARA on 12/07/04 at 09:00 (165295)

No - if I went barefoot it made it worse - I think - but not immediately. Basically my feet didn't hurt (except at it's very worse - which I've learned how to avoid) when I walked, only when I stopped. However I believe they would hurt more, faster, if I went barefoot (which I've rare done since better a diagnosis). Then after rest they didn't bother me much (although I can always feel a tingling on the bottom of my feet), except when I started again for several seconds when I got nerve pain on the top of my foot - but I haven't had this symptom for a long time, having again learned how to avoid it.

Re: Survey ???

denise g on 12/07/04 at 11:21 (165304)

I imagine the massaging of the ankle back and forth several times a day, helped keep the scar tissue from forming. It is nice to hear success stories, as I am still massaging 9 weeks post op and hoping for the best, although each day it does seem to be improving.

Re: Survey ???

Terry D. on 12/07/04 at 20:35 (165323)

My feet feel better without my shoes on too. Nike has just come out with a shoe they say feels like you are barefoot (Nike 5.0 free) I'm going to try one on as soon as I can find it in a store.
If your feet feel fine without shoes...I definately would NOT have the surgery.
Maybe the oxford is hitting the posterial nerve... if you notice a regular shoe digs in right at the tarsal tunnel.
Good luck

Re: Survey ???

skully on 12/12/04 at 01:15 (165515)

I have pain whenever I have it - but the more I wear shoes that come up on my ankle the worse it is. I do ok in flip flops, slide houseshoes, and clogs - anything that has no ankle part in the shoe.

Re: Survey ???

marie on 12/22/04 at 22:35 (166020)

I went barefoot at first too but that only made my condition worse. I still sware by my birkenstocks. I almost never go barefoot. I learned my lesson the hard way.