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Plantar Fasciitis on right footP

Posted by AlV on 12/06/04 at 17:21 (165279)

Pain Began along arch and heel of right foot rather suddenly after jogging about four miles. Subsequently the pain moved up into the inside of my ankle. It responded somewhat to massage, but basically persisted for some 4 months now. I had to discontinue jogging, and could not endure too much walki ng.I wondered whether I might require a new set of arch supports. Or would the right ki nd of exercises solve the problem. What exercises would you recommend?

Re: Plantar Fasciitis on right footP

Dorothy on 12/06/04 at 22:47 (165288)

AIV - I am not a doctor and I'm sure a doctor will respond to you, but in the meantime, have you read 'The Book'? (see the bottom of this 'page' and click on that term.) It will give you lots of good information. You can also click on this word: yoga - and it will lead you to some exercises.
You can also go to http://www.foottrainer.com which is a website for a product that many have found to be very helpful with PF, Achilles tendon problems and related problems.
Other people here can address other important points regarding your question about exercise (re. rest vs. exercise, weight-bearing or not, heel-drop move, etc.)
Best wishes.