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10 weeks post ESWT

Posted by Lori S. on 12/07/04 at 22:42 (165331)

Hi, just letting everyone know how things are going. I am now 10 weeks post eswt and feeling wonderful. I have occasional twinges of pain, and when first getting up after sitting, but I consider my eswt a sucess, considering I could barely walk before, I feel really good. I am keeping up with stretching and still use heat. I thought for a time there I was going to be 33 years old and in a wheelchair the rest of my life. I hope things continue this way. I have had a couple bad days here and there. But I am a firm believer in eswt. I hope others who have had this done, read this, dont get discouraged, there were a few really bad weeks after eswt, but as of now, my feet are really good.
Better be on my way,

Re: 10 weeks post ESWT

Dorothy on 12/07/04 at 23:51 (165333)

Lori S - What great news! I'm so glad you posted this update and hope your good progress continues. Congratulations on this terrific outcome.

Re: 10 weeks post ESWT

Lori S. on 12/09/04 at 21:41 (165421)

Thanks Dorothy. Its nice you are back. Considering I couldnt walk before, barely. I would say im 95% better than I was...So I am happy. I get to go shopping for Christmas. LOL, that sounds crazy, but its hard to be stuck at home all the time. I hope you continue to improve.
Merry Christmas and wishes for a wonderful New Year!

Re: 10 weeks post ESWT

Jenny B. on 12/10/04 at 23:40 (165466)

Hi Lori,

I am 3 weeks out of ESWT. I have heel spurs and plantar faciatiis in both feet. I have been off of work for almost two year now. It took a good year and 9 months of fighting back and forthe to court to even get this procedure to be authorized by worker's comp.

I still have pain in my feet when i walk to the restroom. I realize that I am only 3 weeks out, but my hope is that i am just simlpy being impatient. Does it get better toward the 12th week like the doctors claim?

Im 31 years old and my life is on hold. I am just hoping for a light at the end of this very long tunnel.

Any advice I would appreciate. Thank you so much,

Re: 10 weeks post ESWT

Lori S. on 12/16/04 at 00:49 (165716)

Hi Jenny,

I am 11 weeks post eswt on both feet with the dornier epos machine, and I am feeling wonderful. The other day I was thinking, how did I live with that pain everyday, for so long. I have pf with heel spurs on both feet.

I was in little pain after eswt, until around the 5th week, then it was worse than before the procedure, but by 8 weeks I was feeling alot better. So just dont give up, it does work, I realize everyone is different, and I am not completely healed yet, but I have pain maybe one or two days a week, and very minimal, on a scale of 1 to 10, i would say a 2 or 3,, compared to 10 everyday, before I had this done.

Anyhow, I really need to get some sleep..... my email is (email removed) if you want get ahold of me......
best wishes,

Re: insurance will not pay

fran d. on 12/28/04 at 17:29 (166246)

Has anyone had a problem with their insurance company not paying for ESWT??

Re: insurance will not pay

Dr. Z on 12/28/04 at 18:18 (166251)

This is something that we hear alot about. What is the name of your insurance company. Maybe I can guild you

Re: insurance will not pay

Lori S. on 1/25/05 at 02:33 (167882)

My insurance has refused a second time now, but I am still in the process of fighting with them.