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Brain Size

Posted by john h on 12/08/04 at 09:29 (165348)

Since this a recent topic of discussion here is some good information:

It appears that an active brain can ward off loss of brain power as can education. Larger head circumference is a direct indicator of brain volume. I like this as when I was 21 I wore a size 7 hat. I now wear a size 7 3/8. My brain must be increasing in size.

Re: Brain Size

Dorothy on 12/08/04 at 12:05 (165358)

Oh, now this IS good news! I have a giant 'melon-head' (as Conan O'Brian describes his own Irish head) as befits a Scotch-Irish gal with a headful of thick, wavy hair! It is a source of annoyance to me that so many manufacturers of women's hats say 'One Size Fits All' - when what they should say is 'Fits All Peabrains'!! This information will be well used here because I am fond of telling my family members, some of whom have inherited my big head, that my head is big because it is FULL OF BRAINS!!