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my story

Posted by Jeff S on 12/08/04 at 16:57 (165374)

Thanks for the replies to my 'survey' Here is my story.......... I am a nurse and work 12 hour shifts on my feet. 2 1/2 years ago diagnosed with PF. I did have true early am pain. Then heel pain went away and moved to forefoot so thought I had a neuroma. I had the sclerosing injections 4 total. Then pain is now whole bottom of my foot. I did have a back injury 1 year ago so I do not think foot pain is related to back. I do have a very high arched foot. have had 5 pairs of orthotics, and a cast. First emg had slow signals in legs. next one said positive for tts. third one said no conduction in legs or feet and then diagnosed with idiopathic neuropathy. being a nurse I have cared for probably at least 100 patients with neuropathy. I know what it should feel like and have none of the symptoms. I have no burning in my legs and no pain in my legs. Now they think maybe I have charcot marie tooth syndrome wouldn't that just suck! Thankfully being in the medical field I have been well cared for my the md's but no one can figure me out. I am going to see one of the head neurologists at ucla friday, maybe he'll have another diagnosis. Anyways ultrasond of foot says I don't have PF so i am leaning towards the tts surgery. I know some say if your feet don't hurt without shoes don't get the surgery. But I cannot walk for more than 30 min with shoes. Anyways needless to say life sucks just wanted to vent and introduce my story since many of you are regulars you will see me around more..................bye jeff

Re: my story

Camilla on 12/08/04 at 18:38 (165380)

I had the surgery on 10/20 of this year. I am so relieved that I made the choice in doing so. I was so afraid from reading these boards because I read a lot of negative posts. I can honestly say I feel almost 100 percent better and I healed so quickly I couldn't believe it. I was up cooking in the kitchen a week after surgery. I had three incisions. One on the top of my foot, one on the inside of my heel and one up by my knee. I never used crutches, a wheelchair or a walker like so many others have that have posted here. I am writing this to you because I think a lot of people do not come here to post the positive outcome they have had with the surgery. In the end, some come back to seek more help. I just wanted you to know that there are some us out here that have wonderful outcomes. Good luck to you.


P.S. I know you are in the medical field but you might check this site for a doctor in your area that was trained by Dr. Dellon. He is the guy who researched and discovered all of this. It made me feel more comfortable to have a 'Dellon Surgeon'.


Re: my story

Jeff S on 12/08/04 at 20:58 (165386)

Thanks camilla, Yes I do have a dellon trained surgeon. Was there something occupying the tarsal tunnel in your case? because I know the success rate goes down if there is nothing seen in that area. Jeff

Re: my story

Camilla on 12/08/04 at 21:25 (165388)

I don't know. He just said the tissue was yellow and like chicken skin. (The posterior tibial nerves that he removed) He told me right after surgery that success rate was going to better than what he had previously thought and he was correct. I just feel lucky to have found him.

Re: my story

Mike on 12/11/04 at 03:01 (165469)

Well why cant you walk more than 30 min?

You say you have no pain or burning.

Why are you considering surgery?

Re: my story

denise g on 12/11/04 at 04:38 (165470)

Did you have tarsal tunnel surgery? It seems odd how you described the placement of your incisions that you had tarsal tunnel surgery ,which is traditionally done with an ankle incision. I was just curious and Happy for you that you had such a quick recovery.

Re: my story

Camilla on 12/11/04 at 09:48 (165476)

Yes, I had the surgery. A person doesn not have postterior tibials just in their ankle/heel. We also have one up by our knee. I couldn't cross my legs for years because it hurt so bad. We also apparently have one on the top of our foot. I suppose that is why I had a needley sensation in my toes. I did have a very quick recovery. But I also tend to push myself and not let a little pain stop me. I am one who just can't sit down for too long very well. I was in Wal-mart three days after surgery riding that little scooter around..hahaha..The surgery wasn't near as bad as I thought it would be. I was scared to death because I read so many negative things about it.

Re: my story

Jeff S on 12/11/04 at 11:48 (165480)

I cannot walk for more than 30 min with shoes on, because of burning and pain in my feet. When I said I had no burning pain, that was when I took my shoes off.

Re: my story

SteveWG on 12/16/04 at 17:22 (165774)


Who is you surgeon and where are they located? I recently visited with a Dellon trained podiatrist in Texas. She had only done two TTS surgeries but did mention something about Dellon releasing other areas besides the Tarsal Tunnel.