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fibromialgia & P/F

Posted by Linda O on 12/08/04 at 23:27 (165392)

I have a sister with MS and fibromialgia,now my mother has fibromialga juat recently my 14 yr old nephew was diagnosed with it.Is it possible that all this pain in my feet and everywhere could be fibromialga.
My pod does not help he acts like I am crazy now I have knots below and forward of both ankles my legs hurt so bad I just could cry all the time.
This board has been wonderfull in moral support .thank you all for being here to tell my woes to.Do I go to a nuroligest or rumatolegest or another pod?

Re: fibromialgia & P/F

Linda V on 12/09/04 at 14:50 (165402)

Linda O,
I have read a book about the causes of many of these ailments. It is called the Mind Body Prescription by Dr. John Sarno. I have learned much from this $14.00 paperback. Your local library could possibly get a copy for you as well. Along with this book and other conventional methods, I am now almost pain free. Think about reading it. Best of luck.

Re: fibromialgia & P/F

Linda O on 12/10/04 at 01:33 (165429)

Thank you Linda I will

Re: fibromialgia & P/F

Dr. Z on 12/10/04 at 07:50 (165435)


See a Rheumatologist first.