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Julie, thanks for the Planter Stretch Link

Posted by Cyndi on 12/10/04 at 05:43 (165433)

I sure appreciate your re-posting this as I do not read those boards. This sounds devine and I am doing as I read these posts today.
I am also one who has suffered from the weight-bearing exercises given to me by my PT program. My Dr wrote and RX for me to do water walking in a pool for therapy. The Pool is broken where I was going and the Therapist had me doing weight-bearing exercises and WITH the wall stretch. This has made my heels excessively hurt and they never did before, The pain was always in my arch and atipical. I am not been good at weight-bearing since last February 2004. I posted and Dr.Z advised me to stop these exercises and My DR agreed. He told me not to return until the pool was fixed. (That is another whole story) Anyway, I am weak and went out Wed night with my husband, and proceded to lose balance and fell in a movie theatre. Yesterday I had x-rays done since I could barely walk with pain in my groin area. He thought I had broken my pelvis from the symptoms am very lucky to have just pulled a ligament. I now have a wheelchair and rolling walker for the next 8 weeks.
So, many, many thanks for re-posting this link from EWST boards and in Robert's message.
One note: cut you toe-nails when you can , as you might not be able to tomorrow. LOL :-)

Re: Julie, thanks for the Planter Stretch Link

Julie on 12/10/04 at 09:00 (165438)

That's ok, Cyndi - I'm glad you found it and that it's helping you. I really wanted it to be added to the post with the yoga foot exercises, so that it could easily be found by anyone who went to that now well-used link, but for some reason Scott wasn't able to do that.

Maybe I, or Dr Z, and perhaps others, should remember to mention it occasionally so that the link appears. PF Stretch. There!