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almost there

Posted by mikeb on 12/10/04 at 10:28 (165440)

I am almost completely pain free. I ran the nyc marathon last Nov, 2003, and developed pf two month later. After undergoing all conservative treatments, nothing helped. A friend reccomended a pod who is the chief of podiatry at hosp for special surgery in nyc; Dr. Rock Positano. he takes no insurance, it was expensive, but i am almost completely cured. he first put me in a walking type cast which looks like a ski book (made by Dalco, you can find it on the internet). the boot comes up to calf, and wore the boot whenever on my feet for about 8-10 weeks. after 1 week felt great improvement, and pain got less and less. Only other thing i did was ice every night when boot was off. Dr. made me custom orthotics, one for dress shoes and one for sneaks ( i wear new balance).
the orthotics for my dress shoes were hard orthotics and, despite their expense, i am not using them. the other orthotics are great. they are soft and have a flange on the inner portion of my heels. they actually fit all of my shoes and, after breaking them in slowly, are just great. last week my doctor said i can begin at the gym again on the elliptical trainer.
there is always hope to beat this crappy injury. i, too, went through ups and downs being depressed and giving up hope. i think the boot the doctor put me in was the key. as i said, the doctor is expensive but with almost no more pain, well worth it.
good luck to all.

Re: almost there

Elyse B on 12/10/04 at 11:27 (165445)

I am glad that Dr. Positano helped you but I think he is a crook and a quack. He saw me for 5 minutes no kiding and charged $375 and wanted to charged $900 for orthotics.

Re: almost there

mikeb on 12/10/04 at 12:05 (165446)

sorry you had a bad experience with him.

Re: almost there

Elyse B on 12/10/04 at 12:14 (165447)

me too, I heard a lot about him. He kept me waiting for an hour and a half in the waiting room and then he put me in the room with Happy (his assistant) and he saw me for exactly 5 minutes. I was shocked speechless only because he accepted no insurance and I expected a little bit more attention. A few of my running teammates had similar experiences with him. That being said $900-$1,000 for orthotics is outrageous notwithstanding he charges you every time you come in for an adjustment. BUT I am glad he helped you.

Re: almost there

Robert S on 7/05/05 at 05:23 (177831)

Dr. Rock Positano saved me from undergoing an unnecessary operation. It is comforting to know that there are doctors who are not 'cut happy'. Two other doctors wanted to do a plantar fascia release which would have ended my athletic career. People who are too cheap to take care of themselves should not be throwing stones about a doctors professional fees. Let's face it, when you go to LeCirque and they drop a $1,500 bill on you, do you complain? People like Elyse B. should go to a clinic or 'foot mill' where they take her insurance, operate when it is not necessary, and are staffed by doctors with inferior credentials. I know of numerous people who have had a fabulous experience with Dr. Positano and the Hospital for Special Surgery. Maybe Elyse should find a doctor in the Penny Saver or Val Pack coupons series.