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Knee Pain

Posted by Darlene on 12/11/04 at 15:52 (165490)

Has anyone gotten knee pain due to altered gait from foot pain?

I'm having major knee pain - both knees, but more on the compensating foot - I have morton's neuroma and possible TTS.

Re: Knee Pain

Kathy G on 12/13/04 at 09:22 (165555)

Yes, on occasion, Darlene, my knee will hurt when I've walked too much. It never bothered me before I had PF and it's one knee, on the side with the foot that hurts the most. Do you wear orthotics? Since I got my orthotics, the knee pain has almost totally gone away.

Re: Knee Pain

Darlene on 12/13/04 at 09:29 (165556)


Thanks for responding. Yes I do have orthotics, but I know I'm just not walking right. I'm hoping the doc. will agree to morton's neuroma surgery and then I'll take it from there.


Re: Knee Pain

Kathy G on 12/14/04 at 10:23 (165612)


I didn't have the surgery but my neuroma is an atypical neuroma. Of course, it appears my whole body is atypical! :)

My sister did have the surgery, however, and she is able to function very well despite the fact that she didn't follow the doctor's instructions after having said surgery. I think if she had, she'd be in great shape but as it is, her problems are minimal.

My orthotics make it so my neuroma doesn't hurt at all but if I wear anything but running shoes or to go without the orthotics, the neuroma flares up.

Good luck!

Re: Knee Pain

Darlene on 12/14/04 at 12:59 (165618)


Thanks for responding.

What is atypical MN? That's great that the orthotics do the trick for you.

I'm also curious as to what advice your sister DID NOT follow and what the repercussions were.


Re: Knee Pain

Kathy G on 12/16/04 at 11:22 (165734)

Sorry Darlene, I didn't see your post. Hectic time of year and I've been a bit rushed! My sister didn't stay off her foot as long as the doctor told her to. I can't remember how long it was she was supposed to rest it but it wasn't a long perior; she just decided that she wouldn't do it. She also didn't wear the proper shoes following surgery. In fact, she has never been back to the doctor since her second appointment following the surgery when he actually got angry at her because of the inappropriate shoes she was wearing and the fact that she had no insert in them. Despite all that, she still can walk circles around me and has little foot trouble since the surgery.

Oh and my pain from my neuroma was between my big toe and my second toe. I had extremely hard, jolting pain in my big toe, almost like an electric shock, that would make me actually exclaim in pain. I have strange feet and while my Pod said he thought it was a neuroma, he did not feel comfortable with the idea of operating on it because he was afraid that he'd get in there and find out it wasn't a neuroma at all. Since the custom orthotics relieve the pain, we're just leaving well enough alone.

Hope this helps!