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i have no feeling in my toes

Posted by sema on 12/11/04 at 23:42 (165512)

hello doctor my names sema.im a 21 year old female livng here in new orleans.ive had this problem with my left foot doctor,it doesnt even have a name.my father tells me i was pulled out of my mother while she was giving birth to me in correctly with a clamp .my left foot is slightly smaller in size than my right foot..i hardly have feeling within my toes.i cant really wiggle my toes like the rest.for 21 years ive been too embarrised to wear slippers or even walk bare foot on the beach because of how my foot looks.im 21 now and ive been waiting for this moment,to become an adult and do something about it.what id really like is for my two feet to look the same so i wont be embarissed to show them.i really dont know where to stat or what to do so im asking for your advice doctor.this is my first step in resolving this issue.please reply asap.thank you for ur time