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been a long time !

Posted by bluestella on 12/13/04 at 15:27 (165568)

hey everyone !! been through alot and needless to say still have problems since my surgery may 2002.. i am seeing a nerve specialist on this wednesday i am hoping for some answers they are saying to remove all my nerve in my foot. Still have numbness and pain and still on pills.. hating it!! i am hoping some of you can share more insights with me. My mother passed away in june of this year so i am now in wisconsin not in illinois. I am just trying to get better still out of work and still working with the lawyers on my workermans comp case

Re: been a long time !

marie on 12/22/04 at 22:33 (166019)

Sorry to hear about your mom Stella. That's a tough one.

Are they going to remove all your nerves in your foot? Not sure what you meant.