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help for the final cure

Posted by am on 12/14/04 at 14:38 (165621)

I have had PF for 3 months now and been very good resting - hardly out of the house for 3 months - had one cortisone anti flam tablets and ice and rest. Now to the stage where it doesn't hurt to press on my heel at all but after a few hours feel as though I have been walking for 12 hours and get pins and needles though at least cramps have stopped at night. I haven't done any exercises yet as greek doctors didn't advise this - only rest - but should I continue anti inflam tablets and what exercises - I have high arches apparently. Got custom made inner soles which helped only after I had them modified as they were too bumpy and used to be very painful. Any help for the hopefully final repair work would be grateful!! From the far off land of Crete!!!

Re: help for the final cure

Julie on 12/15/04 at 02:32 (165645)

I'm not a doctor, just a fellow-poster, but I go to Crete at least twice a year. Where are you, am?

Getting down to business, you should read the heel pain book for information about PF and the treatment options that are available. As for exercise, too much rest is likely to weaken your foot muscles, so you do need to exercise. Avoid weight-bearing, but focus on developing a programme that will help you to strengthen your intrinsic foot muscles, The yoga foot exercises have worked for many and are non-weightbearing, and the Foot Trainer, available at http://www.foottrainer.com , is an excellent product.

You could try taping, as it must be awful to live in Crete and not be able to walk (!). I taught a friend who lives in Spili to tape her PF foot, and her PF resolved fairly quickly. Leuko tape, which is the tape I used when I had PF, was available in the small village pharmacy, so you will probably be able to obtain it. (I think it was called 'Leukoplast', actually.) There are instructions for taping in Part 2 of the heel pain book.

All good wishes from a fellow Cretaphile.

Re: help for the final cure

am on 12/15/04 at 10:02 (165660)

thanks for your help definitely decided now getting a bit better will try some exercises yoga ones sound sensible. Haven't tried taping before but will look into it. First walk through the town today for 3 months - not painful but have pins and needles after!! I am based in Agios Nikolaos so if you are ever this way look me up email address (email removed)