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Kudos for Canada!

Posted by Ed Davis, DPM on 12/15/04 at 10:39 (165664)

There are obviously advantages and disadvantages to all medical delivery systems but that it the US has become overly restrictive thus expensive.

For a number of years, orthopedic surgeons have been injecting arthtritis knee joints with sort of a synthetic joint fluid going under the trade names Synvisc or hyalgan with good success. Seeing that success, a number of podiatrists including myself have used Synvisc in arthritic ankles with good results. It is an FDA 'off label' use so insurers will not pay for the Hyalgan which has costed between $130 to $200 a shot in the US (patients need a series of 3 shots). Just yesterday, I contacted a Canadian pharmacy in Surrey, BC (just across the border) and have been able to obtain name brand Hyalgan for only $80 a shot!

One must only go to the ESWT board and be able to see the healthcare politics that limits the affordability 9and thus availability) of various newer treatments in the US. A recent Canadian poster, on the ESWT board, listed her experience with the Swiss Dolorclast, a low energy ESWT machine, available in Canada but not the US.