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Posted by Elyse B on 12/15/04 at 14:18 (165674)

As you know I am a relative new comer to these Boards. I have learned
an awful lot and am grateful to Scott and the posters on the Board. I
try and post useful information to those who might need help or could
benefit in some way from the information that I have gleaned through
either my own experiences or research.

As for my latest posting, I posted something that I READ that I found
informative. I was not giving my opinion on it, but felt that the
readers of the Board might be interested in some different perspectives.

As with everything on this Board, you 'take what you want and throw out
the rest.' The fact that I did not follow your 'rules' regarding
defining where the articles came from was not worthy of a personal
attack by you about my lack of manners and writing protocols. I have never, ever stated that I was a doctor and I do not see how you could infer that from my posting and that made your posting somewhat illogical.

Dorothy as for the Board having previous discussions about the
Whartons/Aaron Mattes, you have forgotten that I am new to the Boards
and I never read any postings on that particular topic. And if I did
read something and was repeating something I felt useful ... so what?
The fact that you were sarcastic and freely insulting to me was
uncalled for. I have noticed you pose the same sarcastic attitude to
other posters when they do not agree with you and this behavior is
disruptive especially to people who are in pain and come to the Board
for help. You have belittled other posters for less than what I have
purported to have done in your eyes.
Your hostility when you do not agree with a poster is dangerous to the
fragility of the people in pain who come to this board for support.

Dorothy I believe your input is valuable on the Boards but your
personal animosity and negative attitude is not fair nor helpful in my humble opinion.