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Re: EMG Test.

Posted by Kim on 12/16/04 at 08:46 (165724)

I go for my EMG test on 12/20/04 & to be honest a little scared about the test from what i have heard & read stick needles into my foot & probing around definatley does not sound like a fun time. I thank God for this message support board. All the support & wealth of knowledge everyone has shared is greatly appreciated. I went back to the Pod. last week & got the results of the neurosensory test. Which was abnormal so md. ordered the EMG. The md. brought up the issue again about the pain & the use of pain meds. I told him pain is still there & literally showed him on the inside of the ankle, plus i told him after 6-8 hours on feet at work literally hobbling out of work & asked about a aircast or brace but md. refused stating i have good range of motion, i then asked what can i do to help with front of the foot to help loosen the tightness up & repeated the question 4 times & did not get a answer. I also tried to be proactive for my care & not reactive, it was hard to do this (wanted to yell at him) I told him this pain is not in my head but in my foot & are there any alternatives to do so i dont have to take the meds, md. had no answers to give me. Then i told md. that my FNP or general Md. will deal with my pain issues,also told him my general md is getting my appt. for the pain clinic & also that i had been to a drug screen clinic & tested for drug addiction since the last time iwas at the Pod. office md. called me a drug addict, I told POd. thati did not meet any the criteria to meet bieng addicted to the pain medicine. & The drug clinic after showing them my foot they stated it was a pain problem not a drug problem,& not in my head.They told me to get a second opinion. I also told POd going to have general md reorder PT with ultasound therapy to help loosen up the muscles. I told the POd, this POd.stated to my husband & myself he wants these places to make sure he gets a report from them,b he doesnt want to be called a quack. (come to find out he has had some issueswith our local community hosp.& doesnot have rights there & this POd has had complaints regarding how he deals with pts pain. It has been tough working. I thank god for the support of my family &friends, collegues & espically this message board.The foot hurts pretty bad somedays thank goodness for the pain meds. The pain on the inside of the ankle is back, the pinching pain just underneath the ankle hurts prettybad &espically after 6-8 hours on your feet. Then
it feels like someone took a spike & drove it up through the middle of my foot(had deep peroneal nerve done to)& the heaviness of the foot it always feels like the foot weighs 200lbs. That is why i am refusing to have the right foot done now. I am just right now trying to keep the faith.

Re: EMG Test.

wendyn on 12/20/04 at 13:44 (165888)

Kim, I'm sorry if I missed your earlier posts. Did you have sugery on your left foot?

Your foot that is heavy - is it cold?

Re: EMG Test.

Kim on 12/22/04 at 07:29 (165963)

yes, had tss & deep peroneal on 9/8/04 , going to mds today was not able to make it to EMG that is rescheduled for 1/17/05. today after being on foot for straight 8 hrs foot is hurting pretty bad. i have a dr's appt. today & we are going to get PT restarted & see about the med neurotin. Wendy have you had surgery?

Re: EMG Test.

wendyn on 12/22/04 at 10:51 (165976)

Kim, I haven't been around a lot lately, but I'm assuming you're meaning 'TTS' (Tarsal Tunnel Syndreom) and not 'TSS' (usually Toxic Shock Syndrome). You had a TTS and peroneal release?

No, I have not had TTS surgery. PT and neurontin sound like logical treatments from your doctor at this point. Same doctor who did your sugery?

Do you know what your doctor was fixing when they did your surgery in the fall (i.e. did you have a mass in the tunnel like a cyst?)