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Posted by Jody on 12/17/04 at 00:36 (165786)

First podiatrist I went to Dx me with Fasciitis and neuromas. She never did any diagnostic imaging. Just a examination. She made me custom inserts. After going back and forth for over a year with same amount of pain I went to another podiastrist this week. He did xrays and an ultrasound. He said I have inflammation on the second metatarsal joint and surrounding area (hurts like hell!!). He wants me to get bone scan to check for stress fracture. He Dx me with capsulitis.

What is the progonsis of capsulitis? If there is a stress fracture, is that the cause of it the capsulitis? He thinks I may have been reinjuring the area as my first podiatrist never told me to stop working out, etc.

Re: Capsulitis

Jody on 12/20/04 at 00:33 (165869)

No information regarding my problem?