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Scott: We need a Social Board for TTS

Posted by Geri on 12/17/04 at 01:21 (165788)

I do not know where to request a new board for people suffering with tts, so I shall begin here. I have many times needed a kind word from a fellow tts friend. Guess what! I have no tts friends. I have been lurking around these boards for nearly 2 years, and I do not feel comfortable jumping in on the current board, and I would not be surprised if there are many others feeling the same way. I have posted on the current tts board a couple times, and asked for help on the treatment board, which I so graciously got. I'm so jealous of the longtime friends that currently use the social board, they are such great support for one another. Scott there is such a need for this for the new people of the last year or so. TTS is such a frightening, isolating, and often life changing disease, I know it would help to have a friend to navigate the changes in our lives. The tts board could still be used for medical questions as it is now.
I hope I have not offended the wonderful people who currently post on the social board, that is not my intent.
Have a Merry Christmas everyone.

Re: Scott: We need a Social Board for TTS

Kathy G on 12/18/04 at 09:51 (165832)


To get Scott's attention, you should put ScottR in your subject line. Or perhaps it's Scott R? I hope someone more knowledgeable will see this post and tell you.

In the meantime, I have a suggestion. Go to the TTS board and tell them you're going to start a thread on the Social Board and welcome all of them to come over and join you. As I understand it, the Social Board is for everybody. We have many people who post who don't even have foot problems anymore but just come to socialize. We would be happy to welcome people who suffer from TTS, which I understand is very painful and very hard to understand. While we may not suffer from TTS specifically, I'd say we're a pretty compassionate group of people and we have some really neat posters.

Come on over and introduce yourself! Let other TTS sufferers know you're doing it and maybe they'll follow. We're not a closed group, I assure you. One of the best things about the group is how diverse we are.

I'll be waiting for your post!

Re: Scott: We need a Social Board for TTS

Geri on 12/18/04 at 14:15 (165837)

Kathy: Thankyou for your reply. I will do what you suggested after the Holidays. We are going out of town tomorrow for a week.
Happy Holidays