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Plantar fascia stretches

Posted by Dieter on 12/17/04 at 09:01 (165794)

I agree with Julie. Dr.Z's excercise should be added here. The fact that at this time research evidence is not rock solid should not deter from this. Clearly, ESWT, surgery and all the other listed treatments also do not provide the 100% success rates we would like, but the treatment(s) seems to help enough to continue with it, right? As Scott points out in his book, there is no consistent approach in finding treatments that work and it seems each sufferer needs to find his/her own mix. Where is the scientific evidence that Yoga helps, or cycling?

A lack of definitive 'scientific' (I use the term loosely having little confidence in organised science to arrive at useful conclusions! it is in the fabric of rearch to throw up many more questions) evidence is true of many interventions in Podiatry and it also affects other disciplines.

In addition I doubt this excercise can cause much harm as patients are in direct control. Worst outcome = no better! Nobody will sue you for that.

Not only should instructions be displayed prominently, the addition of a drawing, along with other specific excercises should be firmly incorporated in this website and would help many a patient - a picture is worth a thousands words etc. Lets bear in mind that the great majority of heel pain patients improve with conservative measures and this includes excercises - it seems inequitable and out of proportion to dedicate a specific link to expensive treatments like ESWT, and not to offer the same courtesy to the more humble, less profitable, but very useful excercises.

Re: Plantar fascia stretches

Julie on 12/17/04 at 10:03 (165798)


I'm not sure which post of mine this is a response to, but you might like to know that the exercise that Dr Z introduced has now been written up and given a link. See the PF Stretch.

As a professional writer and yoga teacher who has written a book of simple yoga exercises, I am very aware of the pitfalls (and dangers) of verbal descriptions, and I absolutely agree with you that illustrations would be extremely useful. An illustrated exercise section for the website is a decision for Scott, and perhaps this is something you might discuss with him.

Re: Plantar fascia stretches

Dr. Z on 12/19/04 at 09:20 (165852)

Dieter maybe talking how difficult it is to find these links