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Calcified Achilles tendon

Posted by James T. on 12/19/04 at 08:58 (165849)

80 year old male.
40 year old history of heel spur and pain (chronic minimum-6) caused by an imroperly applied caste to a broken leg, causing calcification of the Achilles tendon. Three doctors have told me I am not a candidate for ESWT. I am not a candidate for surgery because 'my circulation is so poor, I wouldn't heal.' Add extensive arthritis in the foot, and you have a picture of the pain with which I have been living for many years.
The only thing the last podiatric surgeon could offer was rolling my foot on a can of frozen soup- which provides only some temporary relief.
James Taylor (email removed)

Re: Calcified Achilles tendon

Dr. Z on 12/19/04 at 09:18 (165851)

Hi James

Maybe cryotherapy. Go to http://www.footfreezer.com
Nice to hear from you again

Re: Calcified Achilles tendon

Dr Ben Pearl on 12/21/04 at 06:27 (165905)

why no eswt?

Re: Calcified Achilles tendon

James T. on 12/21/04 at 15:59 (165943)

Dear Dr. Ben Pearl:

A sonogram of the heel by a local podiatric surgeon was 'negative' for the procedure.

I am most appreciative of your interest.

jim Taylor