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When One of Our Foot Friends is Incommunicado

Posted by Dorothy on 12/21/04 at 01:15 (165901)

When one of our foot friends is out of communication and we don't have some general idea as to why, I notice that it makes me anxious - like one of the sheep has strayed away from the fold, I guess. I know that no one here is under any obligation of any sort, but I kinda worry about the absent .... so, having admitted that, I will also admit that I am kind of worried about Julie and hope that she, or perhaps some of her friends here with whom she might e-mail (John H??), might just let us know that she is ok or still recovering or - mind your own business, Dorothy! Whatever pertains! I'm just hoping she is doing ok and know that others are, too.

Re: When One of Our Foot Friends is Incommunicado

Julie on 12/21/04 at 01:56 (165902)

Dorothy, thanks very much for your concern. It is justified. I had an MRI last Monday and was recalled for another on Thursday, which confirmed a 1cm neurofibroma of the L2 nerve filling the right L2/3 neuroforamen. Most neurofibromas are benign tumours, apparently, and I hope that mine is. Given my history, of course there is the possibility that it isn't. I expect that will be investigated. I'm expecting to be referred on to a neurosurgeon or neurologist but that probably won't be until after the holidays.

The pain is considerably better: still there, but no longer intense and disabling. I am feeling all right, coping with the copable pain level and with the worry level too. I'm ok. But I haven't felt like talking about it, which is why I've been absent. I did tell John in an email, but asked him not to mention it, and one reason for this post is that I didn't want him to have the worry of wondering what to do.

So that's me in a nutshell. Please forgive my silence: I'm sure you understand, and thanks again.

Re: When One of Our Foot Friends is Incommunicado

Dorothy on 12/21/04 at 09:40 (165917)

Julie – Thank you for letting us know what is happening. I am sorry if my questions made you feel ‘pushed' into posting about this if you'd rather not, but I am glad you've let us know. More than anything, I'm sorry you have this concern and a period of waiting to know more about it. You say that the pain and worry levels are ‘copable' and for that we will all be grateful; we already have some idea of your strength, knowledge and wisdom and we will all also be grateful for how they will help you cope with challenges. We hope you know that there is great affection and respect for you here and that various minds around the globe have had you in their thoughts in a caring, hopeful way. John H. is a good and wise pilot – and paradoxically a very down to earth pilot! - and pilot to us here in many ways so it's good that you've been in touch with him. We will respect whatever silence you want to keep and will respond to whatever 'noise' you want to make and, we hope, that either way will be in some way helpful to you. Once again, you've been helpful to us, this time by letting us know and being thoughtful of John in the process. We will stand by you in all the ways that we can here, in silence or not, and I want you to know that you will be in our thoughts even if we're not directly talking about it here. You have been anyway; you can use our caring however you want because it is there for you. We are sending caring good will and compassion to your back and its fibers as they work to right themselves and as they provide you with strength and stability while simultaneously working themselves out of vulnerability and toward healing. Healing has been your friend in the past and it's at work right now. At our family dinner table last night, I said: I'm a little worried about Julie on the 'foot people's site' – when someone commented about my seeming distracted/preoccupied yesterday – and I had become aware that we hadn't heard from John in a while…… I like our pilot to touch base!
What can one say – there are some ties here that are unseen but are felt. They are the ties that I hope you feel as good strong hopes and prayers for your strength and well being.
All one breath in a way….
Take good care~

Re: When One of Our Foot Friends is Incommunicado

Julie on 12/21/04 at 12:57 (165925)

Dorothy, thank you for your kind words. Very much appreciated.

I've just come back from seeing my GP, who astonished me by looking carefully at the stack of MRI film I brought along just in case he wanted to see it. He is going to refer me to a neurosurgeon (and recommended the same one that my osteopath recommended, which is reassuring) and I hope that will happen soon.

I guess this is just another test - another job to be getting on with. Spinal surgery is no joke - I will have it because it seems I will have to, but anything close to nerves carries obvious risks, and it's probably better for me if I don't talk about it too much but just quietly 'get my head round it'. I may post occasionally, but I know you and everyone else will understand if I don't talk much.

Thank you!

Re: When One of Our Foot Friends is Incommunicado

Richard, C.Ped on 12/21/04 at 13:13 (165926)

Here is what I like to think when John does not post for awhile.

(Mission Impossible music in the background)

He was called up by a branch of the military that only a select few know about, to perform a highly dangerous covert operation in some foreign land. This branch is so secret, he does not even know who he works for. He is woken up from sleep by soldiers dressed in all black, and blindfolded. A black helicoptor wisks him away to perform his 'duties'. They then inject him with a 'forget all' drug, and tuck him back into bed.

Thats what I think.

Re: When One of Our Foot Friends is Incommunicado

Dorothy on 12/21/04 at 13:32 (165929)

I love it! You have a delightful and fertile imagination, Richard!

I agree with Necee, too.

However, now I wonder if I've been injected with that 'forget all' drug....

Re: When One of Our Foot Friends is Incommunicado

Dorothy on 12/21/04 at 13:47 (165930)

Understand completely. If you have other conversations with John, he can certainly bring an informed, knowledgable perspective on some of what you are thinking about. Richard, of course, can make you laugh - also extremely valuable.

No response necessary - just take good care and we'll look forward to hearing from you whenever you feel like it.

Re: When One of Our Foot Friends is Incommunicado

Richard, C.Ped on 12/21/04 at 13:59 (165931)

What 'forget all' drug?

Re: When One of Our Foot Friends is Incommunicado

Dorothy on 12/21/04 at 14:10 (165932)


Re: Julie

wendyn on 12/21/04 at 14:11 (165933)

Take care Julie. I'll be thinking about you lots over the holidays. Please keep in touch as you feel up to it.

Re: When One of Our Foot Friends is Incommunicado

Richard, C.Ped on 12/21/04 at 14:13 (165935)


Re: When One of Our Foot Friends is Incommunicado

Carole C in NOLA on 12/21/04 at 15:12 (165939)

Julie, take care and come back to the boards when you feel able to. I am hoping for the best for you, and I will be thinking of you this holiday season.

Carole C

Re: When One of Our Foot Friends is Incommunicado

Kathy G on 12/21/04 at 16:21 (165945)

My theory on John is that he's off playing his part in the TV program, 'Lost.' You know, he claims he sent in pictures of himself to Scott to post but I don't believe it. I think he's actually John Locke in real life! :)

And in answer to your, 'What?' Richard, I think Dorothy was talking about Julie and John not having posted for a while.

Re: When One of Our Foot Friends is Incommunicado

Cyndi on 12/21/04 at 21:56 (165949)

One of my favorite Quotes is from Jimmy Buffett who sometimes takes me to a place of total relaxation:

If the phone doesn't ring, it is me!

Wishing healthy days ahead for all of you! Just because we have not met, does not mean we are strangers....

Re: Julie

Julie on 12/22/04 at 02:17 (165960)

Thank you Wendy.


Re: When One of Our Foot Friends is Incommunicado

Julie on 12/22/04 at 02:18 (165961)

Thank you Carole.


Re: The Meaning of "What"

Richard, C.Ped on 12/22/04 at 07:58 (165966)

That is the bad part about the internet and message boards....you can not get across sarcastic humor very well.

When Dorothy mentioned the forget all drug, I thought it would be funny to say 'What forget all drug' as if I had taken it.

sorry....bad humor on my part. ;-)

Re: The Meaning of "What"

Kathy G on 12/22/04 at 08:15 (165968)

I was really slow on that, Ricard.:) Sarcastic humor is something I usually appreciate and pick up on. We'll have to attribute my lack of response to the fact that I held on with Norton's for sixteen minutes only to be connected with a tech with whom there was a language barrier. I spoke English and she didn't! And then what she told me to do didn't work because, as I'd told her, I'd already done it.

Later in the night, I called back and was on hold for 26 minutes and never got through at all. I'm going to call them right now and if I dont' get through, the Nortons goes back and I'll switch to McAfee! Love computers but when they develop a problem, they are a pain!

Re: The Meaning of "What"

Dorothy on 12/22/04 at 08:47 (165970)

Richard -

Not bad humor at all! We had a little 'forget all' exchange going for a few posts there and it was funny, at least I thought it was - but it would have been a little hard for someone just looking at it in the middle to understand and that is maybe what happened when Kathy G saw the 'what?'.

Your humor is terrific and I enjoy it thoroughly!

Re: The Meaning of "What"

Richard, C.Ped on 12/22/04 at 09:10 (165972)

What Humor?

Sorry, couldn't resist.

Re: The Meaning of "What"

wendyn on 12/22/04 at 11:16 (165979)

Richard, I've been known to be a wee bit sarcastic myself, and I had to read those posts a few times to see what you were up to!

It was funny when I got it, but by then I was tired....

What happened to the little faces that we could add to the posts?

Re: The Meaning of "What"

john h on 12/22/04 at 11:37 (165982)

Kathy: Did you know that many of the people you call for help on your software problems may very well be in India or Packistan. Solve all you virus problems and buy a Mac. We do not even know how to spell viraus.

Re: When One of Our Foot Friends is Incommunicado

john h on 12/22/04 at 11:44 (165983)

I have been lost myself for a few weeks and could use a little of that island they are lost on. Snow is moving in as I type. Moderate rain at the moment with snow just south and the temperature dropping. With all this PC goof ball stuff going on I do not know if I can wish you Merry Christmas or not. If I cannot then Happy Holliday. If that offends anyone.then have a nice day. If that does not work good bye. .

Re: When One of Our Foot Friends is Incommunicado

john h on 12/22/04 at 11:56 (165985)

Richard: You will not believe this but at this moment I am dressed entirely in black. Shirt,pants,socks and shoes. I have a black leather flight jacket I am very proud of. Yesterday I went to put it on and found a mysterious hole in the patch pocket and the waist band looks like acid has been thrown on it. I have no idea what happened to my jacket as I am careful (i think) when I wear it. My wife wants an explanation as she thinks it looks like it was run over by a truck. I have no clue. I am at work but not sure why. It is also a dark and stormy day and now the rain has turned to sleet..In Vietnam I often flew in the Black Bird which was a CIA C-130 used to transport CIA trained special forces teams. Black is my favorite color.

Re: When One of Our Foot Friends is Incommunicado

Dorothy on 12/22/04 at 11:56 (165986)

RE. software support in other countries: not only software support, but any online commerce, medical records in huge numbers, and all kinds of telephone/online interactions.

Happy Holidays, John. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
Have a nice day! Not good bye.

I received my first experience of online 'phishing' junk today. Disturbing. Sometimes the world seems to be wide-open lawless predation in charge!

Good to see you back, John. Now get on those Birkenstocks and get out there and shovel!!

Re: When One of Our Foot Friends is Incommunicado

john h on 12/22/04 at 11:58 (165987)

Been there twice Julie. You will be walking your trails in Crete next year.

Re: When One of Our Foot Friends is Incommunicado

john h on 12/22/04 at 12:04 (165988)

Like Wendy every once in a while I sort of disappear. My love to you all and may the new year bring you pain free happiness. Sometimes you have to hit rock bottom before you can make that journey back to the top. The board has been my greatest source of support since I first arrived to many years ago to remember.

Re: When One of Our Foot Friends is Incommunicado

wendyn on 12/22/04 at 13:05 (165989)

6 years I think John. 6 years soon anyway.

Happy anniversary?


Re: Hole in the jacket

Richard, C.Ped on 12/22/04 at 13:10 (165990)

Hmmmm...how DID that hole get in your jacket???!!!

The mystery continues.................

Re: When One of Our Foot Friends is Incommunicado

Dorothy on 12/22/04 at 17:07 (166003)

Would that make you The Man in Black: Johnny Cash (On the Barrelhead!) ??


Re: When One of Our Foot Friends is Incommunicado

marie on 12/23/04 at 07:18 (166027)

John you really do need to write a book! I want to know the ending to the story.

Re: The man in black aka John H

Kathy G on 12/23/04 at 09:06 (166029)

Perhas one of the jungle knives you carry around with you, hmmm? Are you watching the reruns of the former 'Lost' episodes? I taped them. I keep thinking I may pick on something I missed the first time around.

Re: The man in black aka John H

john h on 12/23/04 at 18:10 (166052)

I missed the first two original episodes of Lost so was happy to see the reruns. Still wonder about that polar bear and the large beast in the jungle. Watching the wild boar episode brought back a memory. I was fishing with a buddy in a flat bottom 14' metal boat on a small lake in south Georgia. Very woody and swamps on the land nearby. We had heard a lot of noise on the banks just like in the movie and decided to investigate. We had a string of bass on the side of the boat in the water. As we approached the shore and about 10 feet from land out of the woods come about 6 very big and agile wild pigs. Wild pigs are not fat, very fast and will hurt you. I stopped padling and thought no way am I going to land as the pigs seemed to be standing there waiting for us. Then the pigs just leaped in the water which was very shallow and came very fast to the boat. One managed to get in the boat and found some of our moon pies. They all came to one side and me and my buddy jumped out the other side and headed for shore. The pigs promptly ate about 10 bass off of the stringer as we stood by a tree which we could climb if need be. After their meal they headed back into the woods. They left our R.C. Colas behind. If one of those bass had been a 10 lb lunker me and the pigs would have gone at it hand to hand..

Re: When One of Our Foot Friends is Incommunicado

john h on 12/23/04 at 18:28 (166054)

There never is an ending to my story Marie. I actually did work for the CIA on a number of missions in 1968-1969. All were Top Secret and only in the last decade has much of what we did declassified. The CIA ran several organizations in Laos such as Air America. We were all advised we were subject to being shot if we discussed what we did. Looking at these guys I tended to beleive them. I never had the big picture of what we were doing when working with them. Only enough information to do your mission. A couple of recent books such as S.O.G. told me more about what I was doin than when I was doing it. I have not checked out the site lately but take a look at http://www.ravens.org They were under complete control of the CIA. They worked with us frequently.

Re: The Ravens

john h on 12/23/04 at 18:41 (166055)


Re: The man in black aka John H

marie on 12/23/04 at 21:53 (166063)

I have had some encounters with wild pigs in Georgia also. They are very ornery. They may not be fat and slow like our farm pigs but they sure stink like them. You can smell them a mile away.

Re: The Ravens

marie on 12/23/04 at 21:58 (166064)

Cool site and I love the music too. Lots to read there. Again I'll have to show this to my airplane nut hubby.

John you are certainly one of the most interesting people I know. Have a great Christmas. Write that book. We'll all be in line and please don't end it......we all know you have a few sequels to every story! :)

Re: When One of Our Foot Friends is Incommunicado

Lynn F. on 12/23/04 at 22:22 (166066)

Julie - Don't feel you have to respond. I just want to say that I feel for you. Anything related to the spine is indeed scary stuff and it sounds like yours may be a bit more complex than what I'm familiar with. I had spinal surgery in 1997 which resulted in instant relief to the awful suffering I endured for the months leading up to it.. and (knock wood) the pain has never returned. You will be in my thoughts. I wish you all the best. It sounds like you are in very good hands.

Re: When One of Our Foot Friends is Incommunicado

Julie on 12/24/04 at 02:22 (166070)

Lynn, thanks very much for this, Actually, I'm not scared: yet, but I do realise that I may get scared once I've seen the neurosurgeon (on 4 January) and know more about what is really involved. For now I'm in a sort of limbo, using the time to prepare myself mentally for whatever. I really appreciate your concern, so thank you.

And I'm very glad to hear that your surgery was so successful - sounds like a good omen.

Re: When One of Our Foot Friends is Incommunicado

Dorothy on 12/24/04 at 02:59 (166071)

Unable to sleep, I just now discovered your post, Cyndi and wanted to say that I love the quote - and also your closing comment - very true and very nice.
Best wishes ~

Re: The Ravens

Kathy G on 12/24/04 at 07:48 (166072)

That's fascinating, John, and I'm not surprised you were involved with the CIA. As to wild pigs and boars, I know nothing about them except that over in Ireland, my grandmother had a pet pig named 'Sauncey.' I'm not even sure how it is spelled but it's an Irish term of endearment so it's probably of Gaelic origin. My mother said my grandmother used to call her 'Sauncey' all the time and when Mum found out that was also the name of her pet pig, she wasn't sure she was flattered! :)

Re: The Ravens - sorry for the double post - NM

Kathy G on 12/24/04 at 07:49 (166074)

Re: The Ravens

john h on 12/24/04 at 15:42 (166087)

Pigs can be very smart and make pets when young. After they grow out of their youth they are not so smart and not very good pets. In college I was one of the fools who chased a greased pig and no I did not catch it.I cannot remember the old TV comedy show with Eva Gabor that featured a pet pig (Was it Peticoat Junction?) but they went through about 20 pigs on the show as they aged they were not longer able to control them