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Very Bad foot pain!

Posted by Maggie on 12/21/04 at 08:29 (165911)

Hello everybody!
I start having this foot pain yesterday night, i figured it will go away , that is nothing serious , i wake up this morning i cant walk, i cant put pressure on my foot.
I am a very light person(i only weigh 101 LBS)but i can put any kind of pressure on my foot.
I don't know exactly whats the name of that part of the foot but i will describe it as best as i can. On my left foot on the left side of it i get very big pain when i try to even put my foot down.
I can't walk on it for no reason, the pain is BIG.I don't know what it is, is not like i have ever had this kind of pain before and its kind of sudden to.
I am a 24 year old female and yesterday when the pain started i was walking in very comfortable shoes so i see no reason for this pain at all.
Please tell me what you might think it is or what can i do to be able to walk on my foot without being in terrible pain
Have a great day!

Re: Very Bad foot pain!

Cyndi on 12/21/04 at 22:04 (165951)

Maggie, Sounds to me like you need a DR opinion. Has anything happened to your foot lately that is different?