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New Powerstep Metatarsal Pads

Posted by Joiner on 12/21/04 at 10:29 (165920)

Like many on these boards, I've enjoyed my Powersteps. However, I've always felt like they could use a bit more support in the metatarsal area to relieve the pressure or discomfort in that part of my foot that I often experience in my Rockports or tennis shoes that have a bit of a heel to them.

While browsing on the Powestep website the other day, I noticed that they have a new product. It is a metatarsal pad to use in conjunction with the standard full length Powerstep inserts. I ordered a pair and just received them in the mail. However, the instructions are not real detailed and I am having a bit of trouble deciding exactly where to position them. Has anyone tried these yet? Any suggestions on how to position them for best results?