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Tape pulling off skin on my feet

Posted by Ralph on 12/22/04 at 13:57 (165993)

I've been taping my feet as suggested in Scott's P.F. book and am now having the skin on the bottom of my feet peel off causing sores. I've had to stop using the tape to try and get the sores to heel. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions? I am not diabetic. This just started happening.

Re: Tape pulling off skin on my feet

Julie on 12/22/04 at 14:18 (165995)

Some thoughts for you, Ralph:

There is a spray you can use before taping to make the tape easier to remove. I'm not sure what it's called, by Dr Ed mentioned it to another poster a day or so ago.

When you remove the tape, don't pull it off quickly. Peel it back gently, working from the ball of foot to the heel.

You should be using a medical quality tape, not an industrial tape.

Stop using tape until your sores have healed.

If you ever get another sore, you can put a bandaid over it and tape on top of the bandaid.

Re: Tape pulling off skin on my feet

Ed Davis, DPM on 12/22/04 at 21:34 (166012)

Ralph ad Julie:
Definitely allow the skin to heal before resuming taping. When removing tape, ALWAYS peel the tape from the toes backward to the heel, not the other way around as you are much less likely to rip skin that way. I don't have a good explaination for this but it has to do with a differential in the directional strength of the skin of the foot.

Re: Tape pulling off skin on my feet

Ralph on 12/23/04 at 10:11 (166036)

Thanks Dr. Ed and Julie. Lucky for me I'm not diabetic so my foot is healing nicely, but I will make certain it is completely healed before
resuming the taping. Boy, even tiny open sores on the bottom of the feet hurt a lot. I always thought my feet had pretty tough skin. I guess not.

Re: Tape pulling off skin on my feet

john h on 12/25/04 at 11:55 (166114)

Ed: Interesting about peeling the tape. I had never heard this. I did just the opposite and would on occasion take a tiny piece of skin which can really hurt for days. No way to tape over one of these little skin tears. You can learn something new every day.

Re: Tape pulling off skin on my feet

Julie on 12/25/04 at 12:52 (166116)

John, You Can Not Be Serious! I TOLD you to remove the tape from the ball of the foot to the heel. And I told you about bandaids. Tsk.

Re: Tape pulling off skin on my feet

john h on 12/27/04 at 11:10 (166192)

Some of those dying brain cells I guess Julie. I am swiming in Leuko Tape I bought on ebay. Does this stuff ever get to old to use?

Re: Tape pulling off skin on my feet

Julie on 12/27/04 at 15:32 (166215)

I don't know, John - I imagine that it does dry out eventually, but probably takes a long time. I have some left over from four years ago and it's still all right.

Re: Tape pulling off skin on my feet

john h on 12/28/04 at 18:46 (166253)

But yours is white Julie and mine is skinned toned.Ha Ha.