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Is this PF or something else?

Posted by Marre on 12/22/04 at 22:39 (166021)

Hi, I'm a marathon runner. In September I foolishly increased my mileage on hard surfaces in lightweight shoes. I felt classic PF symptoms coming on (I had it once before) so stopped running. Now I have no pain when I get up or when I walk, but I can feel a lump in my foot in front of the arch on the outside edge. This is what seems to become inflamed after a run but not during. In a day or so, the pain goes away, but I can't resume full time running because I don't want chronic pain. I can still feel the lump when there is no pain and I have a smaller pain-free one in my other foot. This area is not what hurt intially during my PF symptoms (that was in the heel). I've tried the normal PF remedies and am pain free except after a run. Does this sound typical of PF and if so, how long on average does it take before people can resume activity? Thank you.

Re: Is this PF or something else?

Ed Davis, DPM on 12/23/04 at 17:54 (166051)

It does not sound like 'classic' PF but without a look it is hard to speculate on what the lumps are.

Re: Bone Spur?

Marre on 12/23/04 at 20:22 (166061)

I went to the PT today and he said it might be a bone spur. How do you get rid of these? Do they ever go away naturally? Thanks.

Re: Bone Spur?

Ed Davis, DPM on 12/27/04 at 09:38 (166182)

One cannot feel a heel spur.

Re: Guess it's just inflammation?

Marre on 12/27/04 at 15:16 (166213)

Thanks, I wasn't aware you couldn't feel a spur. I'm assuming that the swelling I feel is inflammation of the fascia. Boy, what a frustrating injury and it scares me when I read about people having this for years. At this point I can do everything except run, so I suppose I should be grateful, but as a marathon runner it is hard to take.