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After EPF - swelling etc.

Posted by Pat on 12/24/04 at 09:07 (166078)

I had EPF on 11/3 - I know it's a long road and I have complications from neurological stuff going on affecting my balance and drop foot etc. Anyway, I'm doing o.k. and see the doctor on 1/4 for my final visit but my foot is still swollen (not alot but enough that it's hard to put a shoe on comfortably) despite the fact that I ice it every night and massage it before going to bed. It's also slightly discolored still. My doctor said this is normal. My skin is really white so any little discoloration you would notice but I'm just curious how long it takes the swelling and the discoloration to go away. In addition, when I wear slippers etc. it's not bad but it really hurts and is sore when I put a shoe on and walk around for a period of time. It's not the PF pain but I do have pain on the inside ankle by the scar going up to my ankle and once in a while I get these shooting pains. I'm going to ask the doctor more questions on 1/4 but I'm just curious now.

Re: After EPF - swelling etc.

Michael on 12/24/04 at 09:31 (166080)

Hi Pat, What are your neurological problems? My husband Michael who has been on this board many time has ankle clonus, and very ridgid legs. He has extreme burning pain on the bottom of both feet in the arch area 24/7.
It feels like someone is holking a match to them. He is miserable. This has gone on for 2 yrs. with no relief. Before this he had no pain. He walks with a scissors walk. His neuroligist feels that because of his walking mechanics that his feet are broken down so I guess something like PF. Anyway I was wondering if you had similar problems and what kind of pain and if you have gotten any good help. He is on pain meds which don't help that much. It takes the edge off. Lately they don't seem to be working that well.
Thank You Linda

Re: After EPF - swelling etc.

Pat on 12/24/04 at 11:44 (166082)

Basically they diagnosed me with something called Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia. It's not a confirmed diagnosis because the blood test that they want to do costs $5,000 - yes, $5,000. I guess because it involves genetics. My share would ONLY be $1,000 - I say only because I'm not paying to have it done! LOL! Like if I had $1,000 I'd be sitting on a beach somewhere instead of sitting in my house in Delaware. My mother has really bad walking and balance problems and always complains about her feet burning. It's a family thing. Mine has more to do with the fact that something short circuits in my nervous system and I'm unable to lift myself up from a chair, couch etc. without using my arms and my feet sometimes feel rubbery and my legs stiffen so sometimes I fall. It's so gradual but they want to start me on some spasticity drugs to loose me up at the beginning of the new year. The rigid legs could be something in the family that I have because the doctor said that's why I fall sometimes because my legs are to stiff. I've found an excellent neurologist who was willing to try tests etc. And I've been going to doctors for years but no one else picked up on it. My gait in my feet are off and my feet are so bony (as opposed to the rest of me) that I don't have much cushioning and I think that's why they hurt. It sounds like something is pressing on the nerve of the foot in your husband's case so I'm surprised they couldn't do a nerve block or something (it's something I heard about but I may be far off course). I know my mother complains about her feet burning when she walks all the time (she's 84) and I think that's where I'm heading.

Re: After EPF - swelling etc.

Kathy C on 12/26/04 at 06:24 (166139)

Well it took about 10 to 12 weeks for me on the swelling to go completely away. And as far as the other pain goes sounds like mine did after my surgery and I was told it was Tarpel Tunnel Syndrome. Which is sort of like Carpel Tunnel but Tarpel in in foot. My calf also swelled up and still does to this day if im on my foot too long. Hopefully this helps.

Re: After EPF - swelling etc.

Pat on 12/26/04 at 11:00 (166155)

That's weird about your calf swelling up. Is that related to the Tarpel Tunnel? Did they say how the TT started or was it a result of the surgery. I'm about 8 weeks post surgery and I know it takes time but my feet hurt all the time and I had problems with them before. Plus I'm 100 pounds heavier than the first surgery and I know that doesn't help. I went to the mall today and was on my feet for about 30 minutes but you know you're in pain when people are looking at you like you're dying or something!