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best type physical therapist for after care TTS

Posted by angelas on 12/26/04 at 10:34 (166151)

I had the TTS surgery and my doctor pretty much said 'ok, bye' after the stitches were taken out last week.
It has been 3 weeks. I can not put my foot flat on the ground or heaven forbid, step on it!
Can you tell me what type of physical therapist to see, or who would be best?
A Podiatrist did the surgery so am not sure where I begin to find the best possible after care.

Re: best type physical therapist for after care TTS

Pat on 12/26/04 at 10:56 (166154)

Almost all insurance companies that I know request a prescription from the doctor saying why you're going to physical therapy so the physical therapist can come up with a plan to help you. You just can't go there and say what's wrong because they're not doctors. I had EPF surgery on 11/3 and I'm still having a hard time walking much at all. If I go to the grocery store I feel like I'm dying by the time I come back to my car. My foot is still swollen and if I walk more than 15 minutes or so my ankles swells. Whenever they mess with your foot it takes time. My doctor didn't want to send me for physical therapy but I'm going back on the 3rd of January for the final visit and asking him about it. I was in an air cast so long that it's almost like I forgot how to walk. I know it takes a long time to heal from anything messing with your foot but I can't believe your doctor didn't want to do another following in 3 or 4 weeks. Call his office and make another appointment and say you want to discuss physical therapy with him. Plus if you have any other questions write them down. When I went I did this since they're always in a rush that I forgot half of what I wanted to ask but my doctor answered all of them.

Re: What does good TTS physical therapy consist of?

angelas on 12/26/04 at 15:51 (166162)

Thank for the input Pat.
But, I didn't provide enough information. My Poditrist says that PT is rarely needed. I disagree ;-)
I do have a appt. in one month with my podiatrist, which will be about 8 weeks from the day of surgery.
I did not have a air boot, just a splint for one week following surgery, and an lots of bandages the last 2 weeks before stitches came out.
I could use something now for protection and stability it seems. And I assume PT should start asap, as it has been 4 weeks since surgery.

Also since I have multiple health issues my primary MD has written a prescription for PT., but not to anyone in particular. My choice.

It is just that I do not know who specializes in this (if any) or what types of treatment I am looking for TT surgery.

I do not know if I should now look for a orthopedic physcial therapist, or if they would even take me of course. Or do I just need a 'regular' PT.

One 'Home Health' company I met with, provides PT's that will come to the house, but I didn't feel really good about them. Almost like they were out to make money off the insurance companies more than anything else and my friend who was with me when they came for a evaluation felt the same.
SO! I am trying to find out on my own what qualifies as good treatment and what to look for in a PT.
Whew, hope I did better at explaining myself this time.
Thanks again, Angela

Re: What does good TTS physical therapy consist of?

Pat on 12/26/04 at 16:27 (166163)

Hi Angela,
Maybe you should ask the doctors office what physical therapy place they recommend. It doesn't always work out that it's the best suggestion (I've been through physical therapy numerous times) of where to go but they usually know who deals with what. I had EPF so I don't really know anything about TTS but I'm curious why they didn't give you an air cast or something to help your foot heal more before you had to put weight on it. I just love that the doctors have this schedule that they think everyone should follow and everyone heals at a different rate - it's age, weight, healing power etc. that factors in. If you do go to a physical therapist and don't feel like they're doing great ask to change to another one - even in the same place. I went to one place and had three different PT's for the same thing and everyone one of them were different. I feel like I need physical therapy now but what irritates me is that my insurance company recently changed the payment schedule so now instead of paying the $5 each visit it's $15 and 3 times a week for a month or so really adds up. Maybe post a note on the board or read some past messages to see if people had an air cast or boot or whatever after surgery. I know it's 2 months after my surgery and today I went to the mall for about half an hour. I was in such pain when I came home I slept for 2 hours. I'm usually one of these people that sleeps 5 hours a night. Since the surgery I've slept so much it's not funny.

Re: best type physical therapist for after care TTS

Terry D. on 12/26/04 at 22:44 (166174)

Hi Angelas,
I had tts surgery in may of 2002 by Dr. Dellon and he, like your Dr. didn't prescribe PT. But if I had it to do all over again I would see Dr. Sandell in Minneapolis who does active release therapy and understands how to break down scar tissue. That , as all the Dr's atest to is the single most reason tts fails. I have scar tissue and am still working on it......but any way Dr. Sandell is the best I've been to and even though it would be inconvenient etc to go to Minn. I would do it in a heartbeat.

Re: Terry for you

Rueben D. on 12/27/04 at 17:09 (166223)

I had ART done,by a chiropractor. I did not have TTS surgery. It helped me decrese pain and was wondering can you go to on insted of a physacail therpaist? I went to a PHY. Therapist and she did not help me at all. She massaged directly over the tarsal tunnel area and this is a no-no.. The ART guy massage all the connecting parts like, the calf and arch, he did not directly massage the Tarsal tunnel area!

Re: best type physical therapist for after care TTS

angelas on 12/28/04 at 21:48 (166262)

Could you tell me a bit more about Dr. Sandell. Does he have a web-site? Why did you end up choosing to see him? What does he do differently, or just in general to treat the scar-tissue or surgery 'after care' that you like? I realize these are a lot of questions but if you can even point me in the right direction it would be a help.
Since I live in NC and am disabled, you are right. It would be very difficult to go to Minnasota, but perhaps he knows someone where I live that uses the same protocal?
Just a thought.
Thanks again!

Re: best type physical therapist for after care TTS

Terry on 12/29/04 at 17:04 (166280)

Dr. Sandall is in Maple Grove MN....do a search using his name in this message board. If anyone can break up scar tissue he can. Maybe others can do it too. I'd be real specific and ask the PT what their technique is and if they are confident they can break it up. You can help too at home by massaging the scar.