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Orthotics and PF

Posted by Marre on 12/26/04 at 20:25 (166168)

I was wondering if anyone who has gotten custom orthotics for PF has noticed increased pain from the PF as a result. It seems like the orthotic is pressing on the painful spot in my arch. Any advice?


Re: Orthotics and PF

wendyn on 12/26/04 at 22:27 (166173)

Marre, be careful. You may need your orthotics adjusted. There are some of us here who attribute developing Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome to improperly made orthotics.

Re: Orthotics and PF

am on 12/27/04 at 10:27 (166187)

yes I had the same problem - first I had to get them to lower the bumps they said my feet should get used to - I have high arches but still found the support bump for the arch too much. I then found I could wear them for a while - I have been resting for nearly 3 months - jobs around the house then try to sit more during the afternoon and evening - luckily I am not working at the moment - until the summer season starts again. I have had terrible pins and needles too so though I have found the point of the spur is not painful now other areas are tender too - this week I have decided to go back to heel cups made of silicone as now it is the heel as a whole that is painful. I had been to several doctors - all with different ideas - ops, orthotics injections etc though all said rest but also I needed to find what is comfortable to wear by trial and error. so good luck