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7 mo post open P.F.surgery

Posted by raymond on 12/27/04 at 15:59 (166220)

well im back to work for 2 months the first day the pain was so bad but i had to work so i toughed it out im going on 7 mo sence surgery and the pain is slowly going i had no idia of how long it would take now i know at lease a year but its finally getting better im on vacation so every morring i get up and go hiking in the mountain the reason for the mountains is it helps to strecth the calf with my surgery the calf and back of my foot got tight and sore i know you have over a 100 differnt muscles in your foot and you also have small veins that hove nerve endings that no matter what will get cut durring surgery they do grow back in time now its time to start strecthing and hiking to strecth all the foot muscles i've been hiking up and down hills an hour a day and this mourring was the first hike with no pain zero thank god