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scar tissue pain

Posted by Chrise on 12/28/04 at 17:34 (166247)

I had tarsal tunnel surgery on 9/16...thought I'd be good to go a month or so later...but I am struggling with tremendous tightness all along the incision as well as above the incision in my lower leg and below the incision in the middle of my foot...assuming it is scar tissue...but it hurts!! I haven't been able to return to my exercise routine and have gained 16 pounds!!! Any suggestions/advice on how to reduce/eliminate this horrible tightness? I've been to 8 PT sessions in December-had ultrasound, stretching,etc...but I have seen little to no improvement!!! I sit in the hot tub each night....I teach and am on my feet all day....this pain is worse than the original pain!! Now I wish I never had the surgery in the first place. The original pain was much less and wasn't painful all the time...this is constant!!


Re: scar tissue pain

denise g on 12/28/04 at 20:23 (166259)

i had tss surgery 10-1-04, surgery was a success but also have scar tissue pain. I have been in p.t. and that is the only thing helping to break it up. They press along the side of the scar to break up the scar tissue, I also do this at home, rubbing back and forth. It is painful to do but eventually breaks up the scar tissue, I had pain worse than the original pain but now it is not so bad. I still rub back and forth along the scar, I would ask the physical therapist about how to break it up as I can not accuratly describe it and wouldn't want you to hurt yourself.
Good Luck and Let Us Know.