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What about soundwaves for heel pain?

Posted by Rose D. on 12/29/04 at 18:20 (166282)

I've heard about soundwave treatment for heel pain.What information can you give me on this treatment ? I have had cortisone shots and have taken Bextra for the last 2yrs. off and on .This just seems to be a temporary fix. This is why I am inquiring about soundwave treatment.
Thank you, Desperately Seeking
Heelpain releife. Rose D.

Re: What about soundwaves for heel pain?

Dr Ben Pearl on 12/29/04 at 18:54 (166284)

check the info on ESWT, I am partial to high energy machines

Re: What about soundwaves for heel pain?

Dr. Z on 12/29/04 at 19:13 (166286)

Hi Rose,

We have used ESWT with the Dornier Epos Ultra for the past five years. I find it very effective for chronic heel pain such as yours. If you would like written information about our group just e-mail Dr. Z at footcare@ comcast.net. If you have any specific questions feel free to just ask.

Re: What about soundwaves for heel pain?

debra on 12/29/04 at 21:27 (166294)

both of my heel hurts bad, but the right one hurts the most.