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Pain, tingling and numbness

Posted by Carole M on 12/29/04 at 20:23 (166291)

I have been experiencing a pain in the bottom of my foot just below the toes. The pain is very sharp and then I get a burning sensation which then migrates to the three toes between my big and little toes and then I get a tingling sensation followed by numbness. The burning sensation is like someone is aiming a blow torch at my foot. It is really causing me problems with work and my personal life. Does anybody or especially a Doctor have any clue what this is and where I should go to get this attended to? Appreciate any response.

Re: Pain, tingling and numbness

Ed Davis, DPM on 12/29/04 at 21:07 (166293)

What you describe may be a nerve growth known as a Morton's neuroma. See a podiatric physician as that type of doctor treats a lot of such problems.

Re: Pain, tingling and numbness

Carole M on 1/01/05 at 23:19 (166386)

Thank you I will do that.