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For The Lovely Denise g please

Posted by Rueben D. on 12/30/04 at 18:21 (166315)


I hope you are not offended but everyone needs a little cheer on this board.

I noticed in a previouos post that you had a tarsal tunnel release AND TENOSYNOVECTOMY OF THE FDL&FHL tendons. I am contemplating that very same surgery. My orthopedic foot and ankle specialist wants to do a TT Release with Tenosynovectomy of the FHL. I have tried ALL CONSERVATIVE treatmnets.
Now i am deciding on the surgery , but he gave me odds of 50%=success 25%=-worse 25%=no channge.

My MRI shows FHL tenosynovitis, but my emg showed MINIMAL irritation to the post tib nerve.

Questions please:

1. What were your symptoms like before surgery?
2. Did you have constant pain in inside ankle? Numbness, tingling, burning?
3. How long could you stand and walk without pain before surgery?
4. Do you feel the sugery helped? Less Pain?
5. What success or risks did Dr. DEland offer you based on the surgery?
6. What is the recovery like? Cast?
7. Do you have any additional symtoms after the surgery?
8. I know who Dr. DEland is (NYC) I was wondering if he told you how many surgeries he has done identical to yours.
9. Do they put you asleep during surgery?
10. Can you sleep at night?
11. Are you able to work?
12. How old are you?
13. How long did DELAND say it would take, to see if the surgery was successful?

Sorry i am writing a book i am just very interested in your answers because i might be having this surgery in 2 months and want to make sure i am doing the right thing. I do not want to be in more pain. Thank you foir taking he time to answer the questions.

God Bless and Happy New Year!!!

Re: For The Lovely Denise g please

denise g on 12/30/04 at 19:06 (166317)

Had pain on inside of ankle for about 1 yr. was misdiagnosed by local podiatrists and orthopedists. Could barely walk across the street. Pain got worse as day progessed. Sort of a burning pain. Had surgery 10-1-04, has helped dramatically. I did have a problem w scar tissue for a while after surgery which physical therapy helped to almost elminate. I can now go shopping and work about a 4-5 hour stretch as a probation officer visiting people at their homes. Dr. Jonathan Deland said there was an 80 percent chance of success. MRI showed nothing wrong as is often the case w tss, he went strictly by my pain symptoms for a diagnosis. He is supposed to be one of the best. He said if surgery didn't work, I had no other options. (I had tried everything else) Said usually a full recovery could take 2-4 months.
I was given a block and an iv that put me to sleep for surgery, no general anesthesia or intubation. I am 52, slightly overweight, which doesen't help. Your odds of success should be greater, I would get another opinion.
I had to keep my toes above the nose for 2 weeks, I was in a splint and couldn't step on it, after that a cam-walker for 2 weeks then sneakers. I hope I have answered all your questions and apologize if I don't sound upbeat at times, it has been a year from hell with this foot problem and I am only now rebounding.
Good Luck

Re: For The Lovely Denise g please

denise g on 12/30/04 at 19:07 (166318)

Just wanted to add Dr. Deland said in no case would I be worse.