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PF better, timeline for exercise?

Posted by marre on 12/31/04 at 13:28 (166339)

This board is so helpful!

I've had PF since Sept, and now the only symptom I have is a little bit of pain when I press on the outside of the arch. No pain when walking or after rest, just when pressed on. I have been running just a little bit, 2 miles or less, every three days or so, with my orthotics, and it doesn't seem to lessen or make the pain worse. Here's my Q: I really, really want this to completely go away. Should I wait until there is no pain when pressing in the area before I start running more? How long does this typically take? It's so hard to judge because I never have pain when running. But the last thing I want to do is not be able to run for another six months because I did too much. The situation has been like this for about a month. Thanks for any advice--Marre