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Richard Cped...or another w/ knowledge on this matter....

Posted by RACHAEL T. on 12/31/04 at 14:20 (166340)

Hey Richard, A question for you. OK, I really have improved over the past few mos. w/ working w/ this ped. & my 'latest, greatest orth.' My only complaint is that they are a bit 'thick' & I feel like he may need to remove some of the base to allow me more foot room in my shoe....BUT, this is my ?

I always wear Brooks Ariels w/ my orth or Birkenstocks (several diff. styles) & my Ariat Boots w/ orthotics. Well, I attempted to wear a 'heel' - cute & dressy for a Christmas party....1st time I attempted this for over a year. (I tried last year for a wedding & it made my feet CRAZY w/ pain.) Anyway, I tried again - this time, I bought a larger size 'dress heel' & put my orthotic in the heel & they felt fine & I wore them for merely an hr. & then, changed shoes once we were seated for dinner (figuring no one would know I had birks on them). Well, the next day - I awakened w/ lower back pain & since - went to the chiro & he said my lower back was way out (which used to happen sometimes w/ riding horses & heavy barn lifting). But, I ask - could the shoes have done that to me? I guess it looks that way - thus, no heels for some time again...but wishfully - I want to wear heels now & then - if possible w/o foot pain & NOW, W/O back pain. ugh! I guess this getting old is the problem, eh? hahaha

Re: Have you tried Danksos?

Robin P on 1/01/05 at 13:39 (166359)

Dansko has a new line of shoes called the Hampton Collection, which features a higher heel..around 2 1/2 inches. Some, such as the Dansko Ballerina, are fairly dressy and look very nice. I am able to wear Danskos without any insert or orthotic, and they have helped my feet a great deal, without giving me any kind of back problems. Might be worth checking out.