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Posted by Jools on 1/01/05 at 15:43 (166362)

I have had what I THINK is a verruca on the sole of my foot now for at least 2 years, I havent had it treated from anyone in the hope that it would go away and I may also point out that I have a phobia with Doctors/Dentists etc lol

I find it really painful to put any pressure on my foot and having to wear plastic wellington boots 40 hours a week for work is doing me no favours.

I have just noticed today that there is now what I think a blood blister just very slightly above the point where I am recieving the pain.

It scared me a bit when I saw this, as my father has had both of hes feet amputated due to gangreine.

Any tips on what to do next?

Do I go to my doctors or to a chiropadist?

Will they be mad cos I havent had it treated for this long?

Is it expensive? cos I have barely no money

Thanks in advance

Re: Ouch!

Jools on 1/02/05 at 13:33 (166412)

Thanks guys, you're help and support has been out of this world!

Re: Ouch!

Kathy G on 1/04/05 at 20:12 (166507)


I'm not a doctor but I would go to a Podiatrist, if I were you, and get your problem properly diagnosed. If not a Podiatrist, try a C.Pedorthist in your area. The latter may be willing to set up a payment plan for you if orthotics are indicated.

Good luck!