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plantar fascitis, swollen heel bursae, tight achilles tendon, and swollen ankle. :-) Help!

Posted by Angie P. on 1/01/05 at 16:51 (166369)

Monday, the 27th, I just got my foot out of a cast. I have plantar's fasciitis and a swollen bursae on my heel. Well, the foot was very stiff the first two days out of the cast, and I began to get that 'old' familiar hurt again. Now, the foot hurts constantly, especially, at night. Feels like the entire foot is broken when I put weight on it. My question(s) are:

Can plantar fascitis cause your achilles tendon to rupture? (I'm having tightness and pain there, thought this was just due to being in a cast for 8 wks., but when I squeeze my calf muscle, I feel pain at the base of my heel where it connects to the achilles tendon.

Also, this summer, I tried to run through this injury, therefore I didn't realize it, but now I do, I was running on the side of my foot. My ankle is very tender and swollen on the outer side even after being casted for 8 wks. What could be the problem, or does the inflammed plantar fascia cause minor things to become bigger?

My next question is should I go ahead and wait the 4 wks. to see my ortho.(which is when he wanted me to come back) or should I call him now and let him know that my symptoms are back with vengence? (I don't want to seem like a 'Whiner') I am so wanting to resolve the pain issue and get on with it, whether it be having the surgery or not.
Need some answers from Dr.s and/or people who have experienced these issues.
Thanks! Happy New Year to everyone!